Thursday, April 23, 2015

Lists and happenings ...

I like to make a list.  A list for groceries.  A weekly list of our daily supper meals.  A list of "to do today".  A shopping list.  It seems without my list tucked into my purse before going out, I buy to much off of impulse and come home forgetting something I really did need.  :(  Making a list works best for me.

So, last night after small groups, Mike and I were discussing some of the things that we will need to take along to his parents house when we actually do move into their basement.  (We are still waiting for our permit!  I relaxed a bit when I realized that it will be impossible to get the whole project finished before baby's arrival.  I am DETERMINED to take one day at a time and wait patiently.  That goes against my nature.  We have so many folks asking us and wondering where we are in the project.  Thank you ... but we are still not under construction.  Hopefully, soon!?!)  Anyway, Mike said, "Well, make a list.  List the things that we will need to take with us."  He likes when I have a list too for his chores because if I don't, I seem to keep adding more and more to his work load.  He likes to see the whole list and cross them off as he works.  It works best for us that way!!!

I sat down this morning with the house still quiet.  The kids went to school.  Mike is at work and Ashlyn is still sleeping.  I ate my breakfast, drank my coffee and pulled out a big tablet to start my lists.  It's hard to know exactly what we will all need to take along to dad's basement when we move there for a few months because mom already has some things there we could use.  I know that when the time does come to really pack up the house, I will be throwing things in to take along that I forgot to list ... but that's OK! 

The whole moving thing does look a bit overwhelming at times and I really try not to even ponder or think too much about it.  We've lived in this same house for 14 years and things accumulate over the years.  I'm the type that when we get to the "moving stage", then we will hunker down and move.  However, sometimes I look around and look at all I have to pack up in storage yet.  Then I go downstairs to our storage room and see all that's already been packed up.  My belly keeps growing with precious little one kicking a lot inside of me and that reminds me that all I can do now is best.  Lifting tons of boxes and on my feet all day is not the easiest anymore for me.  :)  I am so blessed to be feeling good though and have energy to last me all day long!!!

I jotted down three different lists this morning.  One is titled: Things to move to Dad Lapps ... when we get there.  :)  Two:  Big things to move into storage.  Three:  Things to purchase.

One:  There are some things that I will want to take along for myself and for my family.  Like my recliner.  I will be rocking and holding baby dear a lot, so I want my comfy chair!  Our bed.  Good rest will be very important for our whole family!  Baby gear.  We will need the car seat, a changing table, baby clothes, bassinet, diapers, bottles, formula and the stroller, etc.!  Moving is one thing but moving when having a baby in the whole process is a whole new level for me!  I know I will be stretched but God will be my/our strength!  Summer clothes.  It will be getting warmer over the next months, so we will need our summer gear!  :)  Yeah!  Baseball equipment.  Mike and Matthew are playing ball and so that must go with us!  Some cooking pans and canned goods.  My "Boze".  I love music!  :)  Coffee machine.  I bought a tea towel while being with Mike's sisters in Lititz this week that says, "All I need today is little coffee and whole lot of Jesus."  I love it!!!

Two:  Mike will need some help moving our bigger items into storage.  He already has people telling him that they can help.  Thanks!  He will need it when time comes.  Our freezer.  The water cooler.  Computer desk.  Our bedroom furniture.  The living room suit.  Piano.  Etc..

Three:  I jotted down some things that we will need to purchase.  Bar stools.  Headboard.  Washer/Dryer.  Crib mattress.  Hadassah a mattress.  Etc..  Mike thinks that we don't need these things yet, it's true.  I tend to think that all I can get crossed off our list before baby comes, the better!!!  :)

I made a few other lists the other week.   A list of all I will need for the hospital.  (We only have 11 more weeks till due date!!!)  A list of baby things I need to get ready.  I made a list of garden seeds.  We've already got green sprouts coming up in the garden and it seems to be thriving!!!  We can't wait to pick fresh salad ingredients and veggies!!!

I can't wait to keep making lists!  Making those "moving back in" lists will be the best ones to make!  This whole project, adding baby to our lives, and enjoying the days of summer will be busy and terrific!!!  We love summer!  We love miracles and giving birth will again show God's miracles.  We love ball games.  We love campfires.  We love swimming. 
Spring is a busy time but we love it!!!  The kids had their Trashathon yesterday and many, many thanks to all those who gave funds for this fun fundraiser!  Our family did not win the top prize this year but I think we exceeded our family goal!!!  Our Christian school will benefit greatly from this fundraiser! 

Hadassah also had her spring piano recital at school this week.  She's improving more and more with her piano talents!  She enjoys it!!!  I know she will miss the piano when it goes into storage for the summer.

Matthew was disappointed to have his ball game canceled because of bad weather.  He is ready for his next game!!!  :)

Ashlyn is fighting a cough and sore throat.  Eating good food and drinking lots of liquid help!!!  She asks me to pray for her!!!  I love that in her and that she believes Jesus can heal her!!!

I had another doctor appointment this week.  Baby's heart rate sounds great - 150!  I'm gaining more pounds each time.  Blood pressure is right on!!!  I still struggle with some indigestion so I'm trying to go meatless!!!  Meat seems to make me burp and not feel the best.  Loading up on veggies, salads, breakfast foods is just as good anyway!!!  :)  I'm so blessed to have great reports!!!  I got to spend Monday with some of my best friends at a brunch!  Thanks Martha Rose for the delicious foods and hospitality!!!  Love you girls!!!  I also spent the afternoon in Lititz with Mike's sisters on Tuesday.  Linda has a birthday today and Lena planned a lunch at Tomato Pie CafĂ©!!!  This place is amazing with really great food!!!  I drank a basil, mint, yogurt smoothie that tasted awesome!!!  I hope my basil in the garden does well this summer and I will be making this for myself!  It was a fun afternoon!  Happy birthday Linda!!!

Mike is busy at work.  Praise the Lord!!!  He loves being on the ball field.  He's a great speaker and he did a great job on Sunday sharing devotions at church!  He likes to talk and loves people.  Meeting new friends and faces at church has been a fun time for him!!!  (We are all enjoying our new church family!!!)

Well, with that little family update, it's now time to get the house cleaned and my work started!!!  Have a great day and enjoy the spring weather!!!

I was challenged and encouraged with this thought last night at small groups. 

"Even though we can't see our future, be assured that God has a plan!  A very good plan for me!!!" 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Iron Bridge Track & Field

Hadassah was excited yesterday to compete in the Iron Bridge Track and Field!  She did the 4X100 Relay, 4X200 Relay and Long Jump!!!  Long Jump was her favorite of all and she did well with jumping 12 feet 1 inches being her farthest!  She finished in fourth place!!!

Ashlyn, Matthew and I met Hadassah at the track met when Matthew got home from school.  Ashlyn loved to tag along with Hadassah when she could.

Lining up for the relay races ...
 Our relay team!

 Here's where us parents sat and cheered while the kids competed.  It was a decent weather day with clouds hovering above. 
 All out for the relay race!!!
 #44 - just like her daddy!!!  And proud of it!!!

 Little Miss enjoyed watching the events!

I seem to always get teared up at least once throughout any of these competes.  Not because it's sad, no, but when we all start cheering and hollering it always reminds me of how it is running the race of life!!!  What if we would cheer for each other with loud voices and really mean it!?!?!  Some people get so close to finishing their race in life and then give up.  Maybe all they need is a smile from me today or a small bouquet of flowers to just let them know they are loved?!  Cheering for Hadassah as she ran and jumped was exciting and a privilege.  Some kids would love to be as healthy as her and compete.  And have a fun day on the tracks.  And feel good.  Even have a few sore muscles from all the running the next day!  We are blessed and I do not take this blessing lightly!  I love that our children can participate in days like today!!!

We came home hungry and tired.  It was 7:30 before we got to any supper dishes.  I think the rush of sports and spring has begun!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Baseball games have begun!

We love baseball games and last night was the start of many more to come!

Matthew had his first little league game!  He's playing for the Rockies again and they played great!!!  These boys have played together for a few years now and with only a few new ones, they hit and played the field so well!!!  Matthew was beaming when he hit his first grand slam for the season in the first inning!!!  Ashlyn and I sat on the side lines cheering and clapping.  Hadassah found Courtney and they walked around the park track chatting.  It was a day with tempts that hit 70 degrees.  Although it was windy, it was a good start to many more ball games at the park.  The Rockies won 14 -12!  We even celebrated by getting a treat at Rita's on the way home!!!

This was practice before the game ...

Game time!  Matthew had a good hit and is on first base!

The only bummer part about the night was that it was also Mike's first ballgame.  Mike is playing for the Titans this year right in town.  And because we can't be at two places at once, I took Matthew to his game.  I know we will have plenty of other games to go to and cheer for Mike but I love watching him play ball and hated to miss his first game of the season!!!  Mike was looking at the ball schedules and I think it will work out pretty good with not having too many on the same night. 

I'm not sure how we are going to juggle all the ballgames, the house project once it's started, moving out for a few months, having a baby and all the fun summer events!?!  I'll sure there won't be a dull moment and we will make tons of memories!!! 

Bring on warm spring and summer memories!!!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Mother/Daughter Retreat!

We got to spend the whole weekend together ... Hadassah and I!!!  We were invited to a mother/daughter retreat at The Haft (so exciting to go there again!)!  I picked up the kids at school on Friday and dropped off Matthew and Ashlyn at sister Jody's house.  With them staying there overnight made it really nice and relaxing for me and Mike!  Thanks Jody!

There were some other ladies from town going to the event, so we traveled together.  They met us here at our house and we car pulled to The Haft.  The girls, well and moms, were so ready to get the three hour drive over with.  Some of us had to use the restrooms really bad and I'm sure the Starbucks drinks didn't help that situation.  :/

We arrived safe and sound a little after 7 PM.  All the other moms and daughters were there so it didn't take us long at all to get settled in and ready for our first session.  The whole weekend was based on the title "Redefining Beautiful".  The topics were all about having the beauty inside of us shine bright and not let the worlds definition of beautiful impact us so much!!!  A lot was talked about being OK with how God made us and excepting the "perfect image" God made!!! 

With having nine moms and nine girls, all from different families and backgrounds and even living locations, we all did great at getting to know each other.  The girls all clicked fast and they had a total blast the whole time!!!  It was great getting to know other moms to and hearing some pros and cons of raising our tweens.  There was even other "Lori Ann" married to a "Mike" there!  No kidding!  We laughed when we realized our names were the same (except for the last name) and then yet both married to Mike's!!!  :)

Sue Esh was cooking all the food for us the whole weekend!  Boy, did she shine on in her foods!  We started Friday night with a spread of fruits and a chocolate fountain.  Small, finger foods were the perfect choices for us moms and girls!  Everything was so yummy and we kept asking for recipes!  This was a huge highlight for Hadassah and I because we both love detailed foods!  For instance, Sue had individual green grapes, pocked with a tooth pick, dipped in white chocolate and then dipped in crushed nuts.  These little grapes were good!  It was one pretty food after the next!  For breakfast she had a delicious baked cinnamon roll oatmeal!  Loved it!  And made little pancakes, stacked three on top of each other, stuck a toothpick in the middle with one blueberry on top!  So cute!!!  She had many more foods and we loved every bit!!!  The girls stayed up late this night and it was close to midnight before we got to bed.

Saturday was a nice sunny day at The Haft.  We had Sue's good food all day long.  Breakfast, lunch, supper and snack!!!  We had another session about how we are special in God's eyes and created perfect by Him!  The devil doesn't want us to believe that we are beautiful.  He uses those lies to make us feel insecure.  God is very pleased, very satisfied with me/us.  I am not an accident.  Not a mistake.  A work of art.  I was created on purpose for a purpose!  We had a spa time with waxing our hands and feet.  Soaking them in warm water.  Lotion and then nail polish made it all complete!  Oh yeah, all the moms even got a massage from a professional for 15 minutes each!!!  It felt so good!!!  Then we had free time.  The girls played gaga.  Then Kendra had a art painting project each girl could do.  Hadassah loves art and so painting her canvas was great fun for her!!!  After that, we did made truffles together.  Hadassah and I made the coconut ones that turned out wonderful!!!

Waxed hands ...
 Feet soaked ...

  Painting project ...

We had another session on Saturday after more yummy food!  This time we talked about "embracing the beautiful mess we are".  The Lord can take any mess and make it into a message!  Maybe we can't change the external looks but we sure can change the internal!  We choose to live in freedom or bondage!  Any negative thought from Satan that he can get us believing ... we are fat, fearful, ugly ... stunts our spiritual growth.  Satan does not want us to see ourselves as beautiful girls.  But when we recognize that God loves us and that we are truly beautiful, we become dangerous!  Warriors for Jesus!  We can change the world!
Playing gaga ...

The Haft!

The girls ... 

We finished the day with all gathering in our pj's and watching the Gabby Douglas story.  Very inspiring and fun for the girls to watch together.  We paused it half way through only to go see what Sue had made for us again!  We all owed and awed over the wonderful foods and smells!  Totally a blast!  Sipping our coffee and seeing the girls have so much fun was wonderful!  It was another late night to bed.

Sunday was gorgeous up there!  Sunny and bright and warmer.  We ate breakfast and then gathered for our last session.  We talked about how it's important for us moms to be a model for our girls.  "Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life."  Prov. 4:23
"Hurting people, hurt people.  Healing people, heal people."

We finished the weekend by praying over each of the nine girls.  They were each given the opportunity to pray and release anything that they wished was different in their appearances.  Some prayed that they would except their freckles.  There curly, wild hair.  Their "not so straight teeth".  Etc.. It was a blessing to bless each girl and speak words of life over them! 

After lunch, we headed back home.  The weekend was great and many thanks to Rosa for heading it off and organizing the whole weekend!!!

It is good to be back home with hubby and other children!!!  "Thank you Jesus for the safe trip and wonderful weekend!!!  Amen!"

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Another soccer game.

 Hadassah had another soccer game this week and they all played well!!!  Hadassah scored the first goal and the finished with a tie ... 2-2!

It was a damp, chilly spring day but we sat along the side lines and cheered!  :)

I am also preparing for babies arrival slowly but surely!  :)  I got the carseat and some some blankets washed in the baby detergent that smells oh so good!!!

I also went shopping for a few necessities!  I bought some new baby outfits and because we do not know if its a boy or a girl ... I bought a few of each!

I ordered a new diaper bag.  I can't wait to use it!  :)
 July still seems far off but I don't think 14 more weeks sounds as long!  That's how many more weeks I need to wait for baby!  My weeks are going by quickly and I'm glad!!!