Friday, May 27, 2016

Class of 2016!!!!!

We have been so busy all week with this being the last week of school, Hadassah's graduation, buying her a phone as a grad gift, awards assembly and much more.  It's been a bit crazy actually but we are looking forward to a fun upcoming weekend with friends and relaxation!!!  :)
I don't have much time to blog because the lawn needs mowed and the packing needs to get done for the weekend, so I'm going to make this quick!  Maybe I can expound on this a bit more next week!!!  Hopefully, things will be much calmer then!!!  :)
Hadassah has worked SO hard to get to this point!!!  When I say that she's spent hours on homework and studying ... I am not kidding!!!  Good grades always mattered to her greatly.  Not because we pressured her, no, but she is a diligent person and thrives on doing well!!! 
Her speech was one of four that got chosen to be read at graduation.  She wrote it well and read it last night with confidence and strength!  We are beyond proud of her!!!
I don't have time this morning to edit any photos but I want to still share some!!!
Hadassah is a graduate!!!

Worship time was amazing!

 Awards ...

Memories of all nine grades (K-8) ...

They gave roses to all the moms.  I couldn't help but tear up!  So special!!!  We were happy to let Austin spend the night with Jody.  It was much more relaxing for both of us!  Thanks sis!!!

Speech time!

Receiving her diploma!

Celebrating with the class of 2016!!!

Proud students!!!

Fun props!


Love it!!!

Hadassah and Cheyenne!

Mike is so proud of Hadassah and how well she excelled at Linville Hill Christian School!

I'm just as proud of her!!!  She worked so hard and I loved sharing this night with her!!!

Hadassah and Jess ... and with Jenna.

Hadassah and Courtney met in Kindergarten and have been best of friends ever since!!!  Love these girls!!!  So pretty!


Church friends!!!

At the end of the service, they all went outside and did Chinese lanterns.  Beautiful!
Then  we all went to the Buckwalter's for a hot dog roast, volleyball and fellowship.  The night got late and I have no idea what time the girls got to bed.?.  It was midnight for Mike and I!  All the girls went to Mackenzie's  house to sleep.  The whole night was packed with action, fun and memories!!! 
Congratulations Hadassah and the class of 2016!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Track N Field Days ...

I was at school two days in a row this week cheering the kids on!!!  :)  Matthew had track day on Wednesday and Hadassah had her day on Thursday.  Both days I took Ashlyn and Austin with me and it went well!!!  Both days we ate lunch outside.  Both days we played on the grass and swings and cheered on Hadassah and Matthew!  Both days were fun!

On Wednesday we had the umbrellas going up and down most of the day.  We are really ready for sunshine and lots of it!!!  However, the kids did a great job doing their events in the rain showers and cloudy skies.

The elementary always starts the day with relay races.  They are divided into teams and then wear their team color.  Matthew was on the black team. 

"Come on, let's get moving!  It's a chilly morning in May."

After lunch, we moved into the track events.

High Jump time!

Matthew and Orlando finished tie.

Long jump.

Then on Thursday, it was Hadassah's turn to do trackNfield.  This time the weather was much more pleasant with clear skies.  We enjoyed every bit of the nicer weather and had fun cheering for the yellow team!

She is doing long jump here again.  Hadassah loves this sport and jumped 13 feet 3 inches!  Good job girl!

The little ones did great both days!  They love cheering and watching their older siblings run and jump!

How darling!

This "little man" is so much fun right now!!!  He claps, fusses and LOVES it outside!!!

Another set of jumps!

Relay race against the teachers and parents.  The kids won but it was a close race!
The last days of school are winding down!!!  We are all ready for summer vacation to begin.  We have one last week of many fun filled events.  Hadassah's highlight is graduation on Thursday night!  Matthew is looking forward to one more field trip on Monday!  All in all, this has been a tremendous year for the kids at Linville Hill Christian School!!!