Tuesday, June 21, 2016

First day of summer!

We spent the first day of summer at the pool!!!  It was beautiful and warm! 
Austin took 1 1/2 hour nap on the grass.  Then liked the pool side!

 11 months old.

Hadassah soaking up the sun!

Matthew is helping Austin splash!

Ashlyn loves the pool!

Ice cream treats!!!

Summer memories! (Lapp family vacation)

Our Summer is going by quickly but not without making memories!!!
Our landscaping got done and this looks so nice!  Flowerbeds were made.  Shrubs and bushes and trees were planted.  Fresh mulch was spread out and then I added some flowers to the mix!  Now we water and water and water these plants to keep them thriving in the summer heat!

Thanks to Encore Landscaping for working so hard to make this all happen!

Little League is over for the season.  Matthew really enjoyed his first upper league playing for the Tigers.  The team did wonderful and only lost a few games!  Baseball is Matthew favorite sport and so in a way it's sad it's already over.  Way to play hard Matt and give it your best!!!

Last game ...

Matthew went to get his ball things on the last night of playing and he couldn't find it.  His huge ball bag and glove and spikes and balls were all missing.  As soon as Mike got home from work, he looked in his truck.  Nothing.  Mike and Matthew both ate supper on the run as they went racing down to the park to see if he left it all lay down there from the week before.  Nothing.  He had to use Mike's glove and wear his sneakers for the first few innings.  By then, someone was there to open up the lost and found area and there was his bag and glove.  His bats had been stolen out of the bag.  Sad but Matthew was so happy to have his glove back!!!  Later that night, he discovered that his spikes were still in his bedroom.
We just got back from our family vacation with the Lapp Family.  We always go to a cabin in the woods that is big enough to accompany us all!  There is a lovely pool in the back that we got to enjoy both days with full sunshine!!!
Austin enjoyed the water on the first day.  The second day I put sunscreen lotion on him and some went in his eyes.  He was miserable and I felt so bad for him and his eyes.

Ashlyn loved the pool and swimming time!

Of course this little tubbie of water worked to so I could relax on my chair for a bit!

11 months old.

The boys had a blast acting crazy in the water.  And playing some baseball!  Can you read the pitchers sign?  :)

Rosie brought tie dye things along.  What a fun craft!

Ashlyn and Hunter play and play together.  The act crazy and silly.

Campfire moments.  We discussed a lot about John Ervins upcoming Alaska hunt and how there are wolves and wild animals out there.  :)))

The guys went looking for fire wood and ended up with some huge branches.  It burned and we roasted marshmellows and hot dogs.  :)

The moon was so pretty!
Boden on his iPad and ear phones.

Marshmellow mouths.

Matt and Hunter at each other with blasting water guns.

Tie Dye shirts drying.  :)

Adrian and Austin shared the tubbie of water for a few minutes. 

Sisters ...

"Take me back to the kiddie pool!"  :)

Austin's eyes were all red from his lotion.  Mike held him in the shade and fed him his favorite snack - pretzels. 

Matt took his gun along and after a few shots, the kids played with the empty shells. 


(Jeremy had to leave early for his ballgame.)

 Our vacation was great and filled with yummy foods and sunshine!  Thanks everyone for making more memories together as a family!  (We missed you Steve's!!!)