Saturday, June 27, 2015

Summer memories are being made!!!

Summer is in full swing for our family!  I have some random pictures to share here.
The garden is giving us beautiful green beans right now.  Ashlyn is our little gardener and loves to help pull the weeds, pick the veggies and eat the goodness from it!!!  One day I would love to have her own little raised bed with her choice of veggies growing in it because it's so her thing!  The other day she came skipping out to the garden with her small pink bag swung across her shoulder.  She went right to the green beans and started picking them.  She loves to eat these raw and cooked!  I can't get over how this girl loves veggies.  I don't have a clue how her and her brother can be so different with their food selections!?!?  :/

We are getting the pools days in!  Its what we love to do during the summer months.

Matthew had his ball tournament and his last seasonal game last week.  The Rockies played great in both events!  They finished first in the season too!!!  Way to go boys!!!

They had a double header to finish out the season.  They all got a trophy!  Proud boys!

Hannah and Ashlyn love to play together while their brothers play ball!!!

 Thanks to Reuben for being a great coach!!!
Going to the local public pool brings many friends to swim with!  Swimming with cousins is always a blast!!!

Ashlyn likes her puddle jumper!  She goes in the deep pool by herself and swims and swims.  It gives her lots of time to swim with Hadassah and Matthew!

We are counting down the maternity doctor visits!!!!  Yeah!!!  I am at week 38!!!  I treated myself to a decaf Cinnamon Dulce from Starbucks!  My favorite!!!  We are so blessed to have one visit after the next with good updates!  Baby's heart rate this week was 140.  Measuring right on but feeling enormous!  :)  Lot's of movement and with surgery date scheduled, it won't be much longer before we will be holding and loving on baby dear!!!

I have a gigantic meadow tea patch!  It's way high from all the rain showers we've been having!  Brewing meadow tea leaves gives the house a wonderful smell!!!  The kids love the drink and I am looking forwards to enjoying some myself once baby is born!  I've not been feeling the best after I drink it and hoping that my digestive system calms down a lot after baby is born!  I try really hard to think and be grateful for all the foods that I do feel good with eating and not the ones I avoid.  My list is rather long to avoid and I'm ready to think of options when we eat out!  Or when I cook for my family here at home.  Anyway, if you need some tea, come around!  You can cut some to brew or take some roots to start your own patch!

Matthew and Ashlyn love to watch Wild Crats on the iPad.
We had Bible School at church this week.  Hadassah and Jendaya ended up with cupcake icing on their faces!  We all enjoyed the nights we were there!  We were challenged with "A heart that seeks after God!"  Treasuring the things that God would have us to treasure!  Unload the burdens that God would not have us to bear and pick up the spiritual burdens for things for God!  Making time everyday to have a: quiet place, hour and heart. 
I'm always amazed at some of the pictures taken on my phone from the kids.  Hadassah takes lots of funny selfie pics.  I thought this one was worth sharing!  We love summer!  :)

Mike played in a tournament this weekend.  The Titans played well but not their very best.  They were put out last night.  We were all dirty and in need for our beds when we got home late last night.  Today the tournament finishes up in the rain.  They tried to keep the games rolling yesterday knowing the forecast was saying rain, rain, rain all day today.  Mike and Matthew love to hang out together at these events! 

Mike also has a birthday today!!!  We love to celebrate birthdays here in this family!  We are going to find a fun treat for us to together!  Happy birthday Mike!!!  I love you so much!!! 

Also, we were so happy to receive that long waited for phone call from the township yesterday!!!  Our house permit is ready to be picked up early next week!!!  So, let the journey begin with having a baby soon, packing and moving out of our house when renovations begin and still keeping up with fun summer activities!!!  God knows how it will all work out and getting stressed will not help one bit!!!  One day at a time!  We are excited!!!  Thank you Lord!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Maternity Pics + Ashlyn's four year old pics ...

Memorial Day Weekend we always go to the mountains with our buddies.  The past few years I asked Martha Rose to do a photo shot of Ashlyn while we were there.  It's perfect because it doesn't take long, Ashlyn enjoys it, and I get pictures!  Martha has her own side business with photography and takes great photo's!  This year we did a double session.  One preggo.  One photo session of Ashlyn!  These will always be treasured!  Thanks Mart!!!
This is the first time that Mike took preggo pics with me.  It was fun!
Week 33!!!

Ashlyn did great too!  Martha Rose is fantastic at making children photo sessions go quick!  She just snaps the camera and takes lots of natural shots!  I love it!!!

4 years old!!!

 The sun was so pretty!  We stood in a field as the sun set down over the mountain.

Ashlyn absolutely loves dandelion and even gets a bit annoyed that we don't have any growing in our yard.  :)  No thank you!  She runs out into the neighboring fields and picks a whole bunch of them.  Then we hands me her bouquet.  We put them in water and enjoy the yellow on the kitchen table for a few days.  :)  She just learned this year though that if you wait for the dandelion to turn into seeds, you can blow it to pieces.  She loved doing that too! 

Make a wish!  :)

Time to do a dance.

This darling can not wait for our little bundle to arrive!  She will be a huge little helper!  She adores babies so much!  I can't wait to see them bond and grow up together!!!  She will be the best big sister she knows how to be!!!

I love you so much Ashlyn!!!  It's hard to believe that you turned four already!  You are growing up so fast!  You are our sunshine.  Our drama queen.  Our gardener.  Our long haired blondie.  Our blue eyed baby!  You love your kittens.  You love your brother and sister.  You really love your daddy!  You love to play with your doll 'baby Kate' and all your doll house toys.  Your little kitchen set gets played with almost daily!  You love the pool and can now swim alone when wearing your puddle jumper.  You love vegetables and watermelon!  You run to the garden and pick my sugar peas, strawberries and peppers.  I can't wait to see you and baby love be together!  Thanks for being our sweet four year old daughter!!!

~ Mom

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Father's Day ...

We had a great day on Sunday celebrating Father's Day!!!  Mike is the best father our kids could ever dream of having!!!  He loves to spend time with each of the kids!  Each one adores him!  We started by the kids giving him cards that else they picked out at Target or made themselves.  We gave him three huge candy bars and a Coke with his name on the label.  We then went to church and there was a special prayer on all the dads and they each got a candy bar.  Mike got a Three Musketeer and ate it right on the spot.  :)  The church service was focused on dads and how they can be there for their kids.  There were five good points given and we were all challenged.  Then we went for lunch with Merv and Juanita's family.  The kids all sat together while us adults chatted and had a great time!  Hadassah ended up staying at the youth center that afternoon with Jendaya and Morgan.  The rest of us came home and rested while Mike did what he loves to do Sunday afternoons ... go biking.  He's got some training to do before his 100 + bike ride in September.  He enjoys this type of exercise!!!  When he came back we stopped in at his parents but they were not home.  My parents are still out west so we just all texted dad messages.  :)  Bible School is this week and we met Hadassah there.  All the kids really enjoyed it!  The day was packed full but we tried to make it extra special for Mike!!!

Mike loves to spend time with each of the kids and here's a bit of how it goes!

Hadassah is in the tween stage of life and so things have changed a little with how her and Mike interact.  They remain very close in friendship but they don't roll around on the floor and wrestle like they used too.  Hadassah loves her dad and really loves when they go out late at night and get cheese fries at Sheetz.  She loves to hang out with friends and her daddy has become a driver at times.

Matthew loves his dad so much that when Mike is out of town overnight, he is sad.  He's always been like this and back when Mike went on five to ten day hunting trips, Matthew seriously went through something.  He would cry at night and miss his dad so much.  He even came home from camp after two hard nights of missing his family.  He's never went back to camp since.  He likes his norm and routine.  Especially when it comes to being tucked into bed at night.  Mike and Matthew interact EVERY single day.  Right now it's throwing baseballs in the back yard each night.  It's a time together that they treasure and I admire Mike at how much he enjoys this even after a long day at work.  They always travel to ballgames together.  Matthew follows Mike everywhere he can after office hours.  Mike is Matthew's biggest hero!!!

Ashlyn, well, she simply can't get enough of her daddy either.  When he comes home from work each night, she goes running out the door and gives him a huge, long hug.  She loves when he rolls on the living room floor with her.  When he reads her stories.  When he pushes her on the swing.  She loves to sit on his lap and drive up the drive way with her steering the wheel.  When she gets leg cramps, she loves when Mike treats her legs and prays for her.  She's always right beside him if he is snacking.  She's got her daddy's blue eyes and thrives for his attention and love.

I love Mike's time too but have learned to share him a lot once we had children.  :)  Watching him interact with the kids and spend time with them, that fills my love tank too.  Just knowing that he loves to spend time with his family is a feeling that only love can give!  Date nights are very special to me and it draws Mike and I together all over again!  We are going to have lots of new changes once baby dear enters our lives and again we will have to all share a little more of our time with Mike so that he can spend time with the baby too. 

Dad's are very special and I am blessed to be brought up with a dad that also loved his family and mom!!!  We made many great memories with dad and I am forever thankful that he lead us spiritually, financially, and physically.  Thanks dad!!!

Jesus is our heavenly father also!  If it were not for him coming and dying on the cross, we would all be doomed for hell.  Thank you Jesus for dying for me and for being my father!!!

Here's a song that we are addicted to right now.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Lapp Family Mountains Trip ...

We just spent two days with Mike's family at the Bim Cabin in Perry County.  It's a great big cabin with a pool and we sure enjoyed it!!! 
We headed up early Friday morning.  We weren't on the road no 15 minutes and Lena called to see if we have room for one more person?.?  Their rented van was overloaded.  So, we drove around to found some fresh strawberries (which we did not find) till they met us at a car wash.  Jeremy comes bouncing out of their van and into our Yukon.  We were in for a fussy 1 1/2 hour ride now.  :)  The kids love to be with cousins and so there was not a single quiet moment until we arrived at the cabin drive way.  I'm sure it didn't help matters that we said "no movies" on the way up.  It was still morning and they don't need media entertainment every road trip!
We arrived safe but when we got to the cabin, Mike stopped and made Hadassah and Jeremy get out and walk up the long step driveway.  Their energy was needed to be burned.  :)
It was a sunny warm day on Friday.  Perfect to sit by the pool side and watch the children swim!  James loved the water.  Hunter did not.  The kids loved the singing bubble machines from mom.  Mike did not.  :))))  The day was fun in the sun. 
In the later afternoon/evening, the guys played croquet.  The kids played some ping pong and with the pool table.  Sausage grillers were put on the grill and homemade ice cream was churned.  The food was yummy!  That night, we sat and laughed and played some games.  It was 1:30 AM when I went to bed.  Sleeping positions are no fun right now for me and so sleeping in a 'not king size bed' or at home might be a challenge.?.  I said a prayer and feel asleep.  I woke up a few times but I did sleep good!  Thank you Lord!!! 
James ... he is so adorable! 
Felicia ... she is so sweet and adorable too!!!

Matthew was struggling with a touch of swimmers ear before we got to the cabin, so I made sure he uses ear plugs and drops while we were there.  Hadassah loves to swim too!
This little miss loved the singing bubble machine mom brought for the kids.  It sang a cute ice cream truck song and blew tons of bubbles!  Such fun!
Hadassah and Jeff are like two peas in a pod.  Always together.  Always having fun!
Hunter tried to like the water especially with moms help.  James loved every bit of the water!
Mike and his brothers playing croquet.
I love this man!!!!  XOXO!
People love to be with Mike.  He's fun and crazy.  He's got humor.  He loves, loves to have a good time!  He really enjoyed being with his brothers and all his brother-in-laws.
Saturday was a fun day but it was not so sunny.  We were very glad we made a day of it using the pool yesterday!  We had a great breakfast.  The guys played more croquet.  The kids got stroller rides.  We tried to relax and not think of cleaning up until after supper.  No one seemed to be in a hurry to leave.  (Steve's did leave in the morning.)  We did sit by the pool awhile and watched the children swim even with the hot sun beating on us.  It was still relaxing.  We cooked up burgers and made a great big salad!  Warm strawberry shortcake, brownies and ice cream was served as we sang happy birthday to Jeremy!

Hunter and Ashlyn ... they love to be together!  Ashlyn loved the pool except that sometimes she got a little shock when getting out.  We don't know why this pool does this??? 

The dads joined the swimming to at times.  Water guns and toys were mixed in the fun.
Swimming relays ...
 Mom had a candy scramble for the kids and these added some soda with the sugar highs.  Total riot.
Watching the quates being played.  And goofing off together. 

Thanks to everyone for joining the fun cabin days!  We had a great time!  The best ending was when Aunt Anna Ruth came over (she lives only 20 minutes away from the cabin) to take a swim with us.  She hung around for supper and then we got brilliant!  Mike's family always harps about when they are on 'vacation' ... they do not like to 'clean'!  To me, it's just a part of the trip and with so many people and children, it always needs a good cleaning before leaving the place.  Something was mentioned about getting Aunt Anna Ruth to stay and clean for us if we all chip in and pay her!!!???!!!  I was so into that thought because with only three more weeks to go with this pregnancy, that sounded great!  Mike offered her $100!  She was all in!!!  Mom had the bathrooms done already and we cleaned up the supper dishes.  Then we relaxed and even played a game of Settlers while Anna Ruth hustled around us and cleaned!  It was a blessing and a blast to smell the cleaning solutions and not be the one sweating and doing the work!  We will diffidently keep this in mind for more upcoming years!!!  :)))  Thanks a ton Anna Ruth!  And, she also remembered that I like lemon sponge pie!  She brought me a small pie just for me!  How thoughtful!!!