Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend ~ 2015

Memorial Day Weekend has been spent with this same group of friends for about seven years now.  We changed the cabin location last year to a 10 bedroom, 10 bath cabin that's only 1 1/2 hours away!!!  It's so perfect for our growing group!!!  With six families and all our children, we have plenty of space, plenty of kitchen room to cook and a large campfire area!  We love it at the Hidden Hollow Getaway!!!!
Mike was home a bit earlier on Friday evening and so after we got all the luggage, the big tubbie or snacks and foods and the big white cooler, we were ready to leave.  We dropped off Ginger at Sadie's.  (Many thanks lady friend!)  Because we were telling the kids that's it's not real far to this cabin, Hadassah kept asking us, "How long yet?"  We answered about five times, "20 minutes!"  She was annoyed at Mike and I before we got there but I'm not sure why she kept asking us much???  We did arrive safe and sound and right after us pulled in more families.  Matt's got there last at about midnight! 
This group stays with routines!  I like that!  We have the same ladies cook on the same days each year.  Our menu's even stay partially the same!!!  JR Rose always cooks chicken and steak on the grill.  Dutch JR grills up a big rack of chicken BBQ!  Dave made us sausage grillers last night before everyone headed back home.  There were many side dishes with each meal.  The gluten free menu expanded for those who need to eat gluten free now.  Watermelon's were cut up and served. 
Here's one of the big spreads!  Breakfast and Supper!

 There is an area with a nice swing and volleyball court.  The kids loved this!!!

Leave it to Martha Rose ... she always brings something along for the kids.  This year she even planned some fun games!  All the kids got these big water squirters.  Her and Jordan carried up water.  (And when I say carried up - I mean it.  There is a big climb/trail from the cabin this nice play area!)  The kids absolutely loved this!!!  On the way home last night we were asking the kids what their highlights were.  Yep, the fun games!!!  Thanks Martha Rose!!!

We tried to warn the little children what was about to happen but it still ended up a crying mess for a few of them.  :/  As soon as Mart said, "Go", the water went squirting on everyone who was near by!  Jessica and Ashlyn were not impressed!

They kept filling up their water spritzers from the cooler full of water!

Sorry dude ... if you are near by - you get wet!!!  :)))

Martha thought of the smaller children too and brought a bubble machine for them to enjoy! 


Mike couldn't help but join the fun!!!

We had such warm, lovely weather all weekend.  He dried off in the sun.

Then after the water, Martha asked for six volunteers.  They each put on a shower cap and got shaving cream on it.

Ava and Ashlyn had a blast together.

 And, Colson and Ashlyn love to play too!

Back to the shaving cream heads, after they each had shaving cream on their heads, the other kids threw cheese balls at them.  So funny!!!!

 If you found a cheese ball that wasn't in shaving cream, you could eat it!!!

The guys every year how many discussions and debates.  Here we go again!  They also played Acquire in the evenings.  Then they fired up the campfire with an extremely warm fire.

 The kids took the shaving cream to another level against the relaxing dads.  :)

Great laughs!

Jordan and Hadassah always have a blast together!!!  Great friends!

Ashlyn helped Mike clean up ...
 ... by rubbing the shaving cream on the grass.

I updated Ashlyn's pictures too!!!  Martha Rose is a photographer and I just can't help but take the opportunity and have her take Ashlyn's pictures.  Up on the hill brought lots of pretty sunshine.  These are a few of mine but I can't wait to see what Martha captured.

A picture of all us mommas!!!  Three of us are pregnant on here.  I deliver first.  Just in case you couldn't tell!  :)))

Watermelon was sweet!!!

We got home last night in time to go to Matthew's little league game.  The Rockies won and Matthew played great!!!

Many thanks to all the families that make our Memorial Day Weekend's so much fun!!!