Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Jungle Gardens, plus more.

I'm reliving my childhood memories by taking our children to Jungle Gardens.  We used to go to this place often when I was a kid and visited Florida.  Now, it's their turn.  Mindy and the girls went with us.
Hadassah got to hold a baby alligator.  Austin held a bird.  Shaelyn had a bird on her head.  And Ashlyn and Shakia both held birds on their arms.

The other day Mike was fighting off a weird stomach bug that only lasted during the night but he was still a bit weak the next day, so I took the kids to find a pool instead of the beach.  We went to an outdoor pool only to be told that it's eight feet deep and we could not use any puddle jumpers.  Well, there went Austins swimming.  So, we went right next door to the YMCA and swam for free for a few hours indoors.  The kids had a blast.

The food here in Florida is fantastic!!!  Mike brings us sweet rolls now and then.  Austin calls them, "Sticky mans."

Monday was Presidents Day and the beaches were going to be packed on another 80 degree day!  We decided to go to Ledo Beach and try to fight the parking issues at Siesta.  It was still a great day on the beach and we got tons of sun on our skins again.

There is a biking/walking path close to the house that we are staying at and here are the girls posing for a quick picture.

We went to our annual JoTo's for supper.  The kids absolutely loved it!!!

Strawberry Pie at it's best!!!

We got to Jungle Gardens and went right to the bird show.  So cute!




Parrots.  Tortoise.

Holding the animals was fun.

Lots of crocs.

The produce here is wonderful!

Our Florida trip is winding down.  I'm off to another day of full sunshine!!!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

More beach time.

This Florida weather is absolutely the best!!!  We've never had this good of a forecast before here in this sunshine state and we are loving every minute of it!!!  Each day has been in the upper 70's and low 80's!!! 
Today was a long day on the beach but super fun!  We got out around 12:30 PM and enjoyed the sun with my parents sitting right beside us on the beach.  I think this is also a first in many years of going to Florida that we are vacationing with my parents here at the same time!!!  It's so fun!  Then the two youngest napped on the beach and then we had a cook out right on the sandy beach side.  Matt and Lena brought the chicken and hamburgers and we got some fixings.  It tasted great!!! 
We skipped out on the beach to grab some sunset pictures!  The entire day was wonderful!

These four have so much fun together!

Someone found a beach ball and they chased it all around the sand.

This Little Man did not like the sand right when we arrived.  He hated the sand.  But he is doing better!  Today he pushed his little tractors all over the sand and did really well!!!  He is adorable with a sun kissed tan.

 Mike and I are enjoying this vacation together SO MUCH!!!  He spends time with each of the kids and me!  His golfing time is first thing in the morning with Matthew, they stop and buy some cornmeal mush and gravy for breakfast and then join the rest of us while we pack up the beach bags.  It's a system that works well for our family.  But really, its the little grins, winks, smiles and nice gestures that make this trip so lovely!!!  I love this man with my whole being!!!



The sunset was so pretty!

And just as we were walking off of the beach by 7 PM, the moon was starting to peak through. 

Good night Florida.  See you tomorrow.