Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Preparing for a shed ...

I am taking back my words that were spoken about a year ago.  I said that I do not want another shed to come to our house.  The last one we had was so bad looking and aged that I hated it!  The door trim was all beat up and the paint was chipping big time and it just wasn't nice anymore.  And, it was the very first thing you saw when you pulled into our driveway.  I said that if we do ever get a shed it's going to be a nice, real barn! 
Mike runs a shed business and sells sheds at Lapp Structures every day and his employees really make a ton of nice looking sheds.  So, Mike started designing and came up with his a shed he thinks I will like.  It is now built and ready to be delivered!  It's going back with the garden beds and I hope it will make a stunning show when you arrive at our house because it's again one of the first things you will see coming up our driveway! 
Last night the stones arrived for the foundation.

And if you notice the silver truck in the back ground, Mike is still renting a truck until he buys a new one.

The kids sat by the gardens and watched the stones fall out of the big dump truck.

With baby Kate.  :)))

Ashlyn asked Austin to babysit while she rakes some stones.  :)  And yes, that is all lettuce that you see there!!!

Austin's turn.

Taking it all in ...

I am just amazed at the garden these days.  The herbs are thriving! 

The strawberries are starting to ripen.

The sugar peas will be hanging soon.
And our watermelon plant is growing but far from any watermelons to eat yet.  In the mean while, we buy them at the store and enjoy it on the back porch!!!

Spring time is one of my favorite seasons!!!  So much is growing and blooming!!!

I love Spring!!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Salty Kid's Bible - Cast All My Cares Upon You

My heart is heavy again this morning.  Dad Lapp is being moved out of Fairmount Homes and is going home.  This is good news because it's where he wants to be and nothing beats being at home, especially after being placed from one place to the next like Dad and Mom have been for the past few months.  Being back at home is right where they should be!!!

But, another move brings another change.  Another challenge.  Dad is so weak and tired.  Mom is exhausted too!!!  Please keep praying for the whole Lapp family as we try our best to deal with emotions and feelings.  Today, more decisions will need to be made.  Home Care will need to be set up and like I said, it's another change. 

This song, a song I used to listen to as a kid, keeps ringing through my head all morning and I'm around the house singing it out loud!!!  It brings healing to my soul and reminds me to really "cast all my cares on the Lord"!!!  He will sustain me.  I know that the message preached on Sunday at church about casting our cares on the Lord, was exactly for me!!! 

In my prayers this morning, I told God that I have my eyes open for more miracles today.  I'm looking for big or tiny miracles!  If and when I have my eyes focused on Jesus, which can be challenging at times when things seem or feel like they are falling apart or maybe falling in place, I can see God's hand in each step of this cancer journey!!!  It's when I lay my burdens down at Jesus' feet, that's when inner strength comes to help face another day!

Maybe you need a reminder today that God cares for your needs as well!!!  Life is tough at times, really tough, and without God to help us through, we end up in bitterness and anger and a mess!  Please, listen to this song and cast your cares, big or little, upon the Creator on the universe today!!!  He has given all the stars names.  He cares about the sparrows and LOVES US SO MUCH MORE THAN THE BIRDS!!!  Remember, He knows the amount of hairs on our head!  He knows the words and thoughts we think BEFORE we even think them.  God knows the outcome of this day and I need to trust Him in carrying me through today!!!

"Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you ..."  Psalms 55:22

Monday, May 22, 2017

Cast My Cares

Tiger's Got First Place!!!

Matthew plays for the Tiger's Team every Monday night!!!  He is the first baseman and does a fantastic job hitting and fielding!!!
On Saturday they played with determination to win in a tournament.  They lost their first game.  Then won all the rest from there on out!!!  It was one tough game after the next but they kept working hard and ended up with First Place!!!  Go job Tigers!!!

What a play!!!

Mike helps couch!  Matthew loves that!!!

Good hit!!!  A triple!

Austin played in the dirt with sticks and trucks while Matthew played.

These boys were so tired and dirty till evening came around but they were so proud of their plays and hard work.  Good job Tigers!!!

Mike and I had to slip away from the ballgames a little early to go to his cousins wedding.  Jesse and Abby had a gorgeous outdoor wedding and barn reception!  Thank you for the invitation and may God bless you as you live the rest of your lives together!!!

The campfires felt good with the cooler weather!  Everything was so pretty!!!

Mike and I love times with just him and I get out!!!  We had a great time!  And my phone doesn't take very good photos but here's one of the bride and groom's first dance!

At church yesterday, a new song was sung.  I loved it and because I get so encouraged with songs, I take courage in these words.  "Cast My Cares", by Alli Rogers.  Listen to it! 

Track-N-Field #2 -

What a warm, hot day for Matthew's track and field day!!!  The kids did a great job staying hydrated and still running hard through all the sweat!!!

Matthew did the soft ball throw.

He was on the Red Team.

And he threw it hard and far!!!

He also did some runs.  The relay race was one of his events.  He waited for the baton.

And getting ready to take off as soon as he receives it in his hand.

But, OH NO!!!  As Matthew reached out for the baton, another runner bumped his arm and the baton feel to the ground.

This disqualified the Red Team for this race.  Also the team that bumped his arm.  It was disappointing but this happens at times.  The Red Team did end up taking first place for the most points throughout the entire day!!!  Great job Red Team!!!

Austin got to stay with my sister Jody that afternoon and take his nap inside instead of out in the heat!!!  Ashlyn went with me to watch Matthew!  She enjoyed playing on the swings with Maleah!  :)

When we got back home, the house was clean from me cleaning it that morning.  The AC was turned on for two days to take out the heat in the house.  It felt good to be out of the hot sun but Hadassah needed some donuts at Beiler's Donuts for her Internship Speech the next day and so went to get some. 

Mike and I got to spend some time with the children and put Austin to bed before heading out to see Dad Lapp fly home from Arizona.  We knew it was going to be a late night out but we were happy to finally hug and see Dad, Mom and Rosie back in PA!!!

We didn't get to bed till 1:45 AM!!!  Our beds felt so good was we feel asleep exhausted from all the days events!!!