Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Black Rock Bike Ride.

We just spent the entire weekend in Rehoboth Beach, MD, because that's where the bike path lead us!!!  :)))

Mike did the Black Rock Bike Ride again this year and finished it well!!!  John and JR also biked with Mike and the three of them have been practicing and biking for weeks now, in training for this one event!!! 

Mike got picked up at 5:30 AM, Friday morning, and went with the other guys to the retreat to start their 125 mile ride!!!  I had to chuckle that morning when I told the kids how far and hard this bike ride is.  Ashlyn's eyes nearly popped out when she said, "My legs get tired from just biking to the motel and back!!!!"  (Let's see ... I agree!  That 1/4 mile makes my legs burn too!)  Anyway, Mike was excited about doing this event again and was ready.  He didn't have much training during his dad's cancer journey/funeral, but he picked up in mid July and did a great job!!!

Meanwhile, us ladies got the kids off to school and to their weekend babysitters!!!  Suz, Lorene and I met our husbands down at the beach and spent the rest of the weekend with just us couples!!!  We did get a call from John saying that his legs cramped up after 70 miles and needed to be picked up.  It really was no problem because we only had to drive about 15 minutes back to get him.  His legs cramped and his stomach was not well.  He threw up twice after we picked him up but after some rest and liquids, he was OK.  Mike and JR kept biking and finished the whole 125 miles!!!  John ended up going to pick them up while us ladies sat in the sun on the beach!!!  It was SO nice and warm!!!  Thank you summer for coming back for a little while yet!!!

Friday afternoon we were able to get into the beach condo and it was perfect for us three couples! 
All weekend long we had such a good time eating, laughing, drinking coffee, watching football, sitting on the beach soaking up the sun and licking ice cream cones!!!  After a good dose of sunshine on Friday, we did some outlet shopping that evening and went to Blackwall Hitch for supper.  Evenings back at the beach house were spent fussing and jabbing about life!

Little Kalena was along with John's!  She did a good job and loved the beach!!!

Saturday was another full day of sunshine.  It was hot and we were sweating on the beach.  The water actually felt good to our feet and legs.  I didn't go swimming in the ocean but Mike did.  It was again so relaxing to sit on our beach chairs without having the little children touching me with sandy fingers!  This time it was just Mike and I on the beach and even though we did miss our children, it was relaxing this time!!!  That night, we went to The Cultured Pearl to eat outside.  The food was so good!  Walking the boardwalk and seeing some night life on the beach was fun but when we got back to the beach house, we again all sat and chatted about life.  And about how swimming 1.2 miles without stopping really would be a hard thing to do!!!  We all agreed but JR so we have our eyes open for whenever he wants to take on that challenge!!!  :)))

Such a fun way to restock on all that vitamin A,B,C & LOVE!!!

We got to stop at The Fractured Prune again!!!  And since I'm a lover of all things pumpkin, one of those warm pumpkin donuts was for me!!!



Sunday was again so gorgeous!!!  Full sunshine!  We grabbed some breakfast and then the ladies went to the beach for the third day in a row while the men watched the Eagles and Chiefs play football!  Beachin it with these couples was a blast and thanks guys for the fun weekend!!!

We got home around 9:30 PM, Sunday night.  After picking up Matt at Jeff and Joanna's we were finally back home with the other children!!!  They all had a fun weekend with family and cousins and friends ... so a big THANK YOU to our sitters once again!!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Volleball at Linden Hall.

Another volleyball game ... the girls played so well on Saturday at their Trimatch Volleyball!!!  The girls met at Linden Hall in Lititz and played six tough, close games in a row ... not losing one!!!  Undefeated!  They were so happy and played well!!!
Meanwhile, I was the volleyball sidelines Mom that juggled a toddler while trying to watch these games.  I did drop off Ashlyn at Sophia's house for the afternoon (thanks Steve and Linda) but took the boys with me.  Austin did pretty good with playing on the bleaches and didn't fall once until the very end when he did tumble down a few bleachers but thankfully he was OK and the games were over.  It couldn't have caused great commotion.  After each game, I would let Austin run out into the courts and play a little with the volleyballs until it was game time again.  Then one of the referees turned and looked at me.  "Please keep your little guy on the bleachers while the game is being played!"  OH BOY!!!  I was trying.  I thought he was doing pretty good but sure!  I'm positive that my "Little Man" will just sit here quietly and watch the games without moving an inch.  :///  I grinned and swallowed hard and did really try to keep him on the bleachers during game time.  Those sitting around me just chuckled.  It's stressful to have a toddler at these games and my eyes are always peeled wide open toward the courts if Austin is in the hallways or outside.  I just know that at any minute he could go racing for the courts.  Matthew did help me out at the very end.  He was able to entertain him while the last of the games were played!!!  Thanks Matt!!!  On a side note, I know some of you might be thinking "well, why don't you stay home if it's stressful?"  The answer:  I wonder sometimes myself why I go and expect Austin to sit still for a few hours straight but I just can't help myself and I find myself sitting in the bleachers cheering and taking pictures and enjoying the sometimes stressful moments.  This toddler stage will pass and I'll forget all the stressful moments of keeping him still!!!
While the referees were trying to figure out something, the girls were being silly.  It's so much fun watching them play so well and still be having the time of their lives!!!

So happy for more wins!!!

Coach Wingard does a great job!

Hadassah played well and she was happy for all the wins!!!  Good job girls!!!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Volleyball has begun!

When I became a Mom and Hadassah entered into our lives, we were so happy.  I was thrilled to have and hold our baby girl!!!  But with having a baby, it was also an adjustment for me to give up some of my own fleshly wants and desires because now that I was a Mom, I needed to be home much more!  Nap times and baby demands and "good bye to being free with only my schedule to live out".  Fast forward now, after having four children, I have to admit that I am rather used to the home life schedule and I wouldn't want it any other way!!!  I love most of my Mom duties and absolutely love being at home with my family!!!  And, with having the children back in school has been a fun adjustment once again but now we have their events to attend to and we are on a much better bed time habit!!!  :)
When school began this year we now have a Sophomore in High School, a Middle Scholar, a Kindergartner and a toddler here at home with me.  All these grades seem to be the important ones and it will be lots of learning and homework and achievements met!!!  We also now have sporting events that invaded my calendar!  But I love it!!!  For the most part.  I does take some quick suppers and late nights to make it all happen but it's fun!  Hadassah is playing Varsity Volleyball this year and let me just confirm that these games went a notch higher than previous years!!!  Hadassah is playing with much higher competition and the game is tough stuff now!!!  But, she is ready for it!!!  She did volleyball camp again this year in at Lancaster Bible College and this team has practice every afternoon for four days straight.  Each week!!!  They are working hard and it's paying off!!!
On Friday night, the Linville Hill High School girls had their first game.  They won all three!!!  Then on Tuesday night, they had another game.  This time they won 3-4!!!  Both times they worked their butts off and played to win.  Every game was tit for tat and the scores were so close each time!!!  But they pulled it through with wins!!!
Hadassah is LOVING this season in her life right now!!!  Her love for volleyball has just grown because she's getting a taste of some good playing time against good teams!!!  She thrives on good plays and hard serves and slam down hits!!!  She got the player of the game award on Tuesday night and it's because she worked hard and gave it her all!!!  Good job girl!!!


When we arrived to watch the game, I took Hadassah to the side and told her that this is the game that they really want to win!  Why???  For the past several years, Hadassah has played against the Conestoga Christian girls in volleyball, basketball and soccer.  Conestoga has always given us great competition and seemed to always pull ahead of Linville.  So, this was a little challenge to her to try really hard and go for the win!!!  She nodded her head and agreed with me.  :)

And let me just say that it was concentration the entire time!!!  The girls were focused and played to well together making team effort saves and dives for the ball!!!

Hadassah is a really good server.  She's got good power in her arms and can serve some tough serves!

One block after the next. 

Little Man did pretty good on the sidelines but was ready to leave about half way through.  He sat and watched some farming YouTube to help pass the time. 

It was down to the nitty gritty.  The girls won two in a row and this game was too close for comfort.

They lost game number three and so they had to play game number four.  It's the best out of five.  I could see in their eyes that they were getting tired but they stuck to the game and won game number four!!!  They were SO happy and proud of their playing!!!

She's a really good spiker too!!!  Look at her form!!!

I was sitting beside Mike on the sidelines and if I admit, I was SO into these games!!!  We both sat and cheered and I kept taking more pictures and sometimes I felt like I should pinch myself because we have a daughter out their on the playing courts now playing really well!!!  I love attending the kids sports games and I make a pretty big effort to go.  I think it helps their game if they know their Mom and Dad are watching and cheering!!!

Way to go girls!!!!  We know that this is going to be an exciting volleyball season for you all and we can't wait to see you play more games!!!  GOOOOOOOO Linville!!!