Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Lot's of Sunshine!!!

Last Wednesday, we packed up our beach chairs and towels and grabbed some lotion in hopes of needing to use it!!!  Hadassah, Courtney and Cheyenne planned a day to go to the beach with us moms the other week but the weather was rainy.  We rescheduled it and again the weather wasn't looking promising!  We went anyway and when we stopped for some breakfast, we discussed if we want to go to Rehoboth were the weather was saying clouds all day or go on down to Bethany Beach where our weather app said sun and clouds.  We chased the sun and the sunshine came out so lovely soon after we hit the sand with our toes!!!!  The day was gorgeous and yes, we needed lots of sunscreen to prevent any sun burn!!!  Thank you Jesus for the dose of wonderful sunshine!!!  The girls had a great time and so did I!!!  Thank you for planning this!!!

Another hot, sunny day was on Saturday!!!  Our small town had Heritage Days and that meant lots of extra entertainment for the kids!

A candy drop!

Reptile Show!

Gingerbread Cookie decorating!!!

Face painting!

And then we finished the day with a fire work display!!!

The next morning, everyone was still tired and lazy!!!

But it was Father's Day and what an honor to celebrate this day for Mike!!!  He's the best daddy ever and loves on his children every.single.day!!!

We grabbed an easy lunch after church at Tropical Smoothie before heading back home for Mike to go ride his bike (peddle bike!!!) and get the kids some naps before heading off to Bible School!

Austin is just the cuties right now and he wanted to buy another bag of chips just for him!

Vacation Bible School began at church and the kids loved the first night!!!  It was warm and fun and they sang lots of songs about Jesus!!!

Yesterday, we spent some time at my Aunt Nance's house knotting comforts that my cousin Amanda will take back to Haiti with her when she returns in a few days!!!  And, because it was SO HOT outside (96 degrees) we signed up for another membership at Nickle Mines and enjoyed some pool time!!!

These two are so much fun together!!!

Another fun thing for Matthew is his new air soft gun.  He won another gun this winter at a hunting show but instead of a gun that he will hardly ever use, his dad exchanged $$$ for this gun!  He's having a blast with it!!!

And like I said, Austin is in such a fun, cute stage in his life right now!!!  He keeps saying that Matthew is "his best friend" and after Matthew put some baseball paint on his face, he was all into some baseball.  In the living room!!!  "Why do I allow this," is what I find myself asking from time to time but the pictures that I quickly captured from the couch is priceless!!!

Knotting comforts!!!

The Tigers had a great night of baseball last night and won their first game, which put them in the finals!!!  They played the first out of three games against the Falcons and won that game too!!!  Way to go Tigers!  Next week is finals!!!

Here's what the garden is giving us right now!!!  So much freshness and great veggies!!!

And another session at gymnastics has this girl in all smiles!!!

First time on the bars!

First time on the beams!

I hope you have a great day!!!  We've got a long, full week of fun events!!!  Summer is keeping us busy but we are loving it!!!