Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Baseball has begun!

Spring is here and so is the start of the ball season!  Matthew is playing for the Tigers again this year and they are off to a great winning start!!!  Matthew loves these games and is really good!  He's got first base played well and hits the ball hard!!!  Go Tigers!!!

And of course there are the cutest little cheerleaders!!!


Dirt is being moved and stones are being laid to make room for a new shed.  More to come on this topic soon!


And the 20 yards of mulch arrived!  Now we can work hard to get the flowerbeds looking good and pretty!  Yesterday, the kids were at it awhile.

And Hunter was here, so he helped too!

Our tub baths are dirty these days!!!  Playing outside has us all so tired by bedtime!  So far we've got the edging done, some of the mulch scooped in place and some flowers planted!  The garden needs a few more vegetables planted and I'm off to do just that!!!  Our front trees are just about ready to burst forth with their pink leaves and I just love going to the greenhouse and buying things that are blooming!

Happy Spring to you all and I'm off to work outside on this pretty spring day!!!

Happy Easter!!!!

I've not been blogging the past few days because my computer is off getting a good clean up and updates, etc..  But, I can't stand it when I get too far behind with blogging so I started up the old laptop and here I go.  :)))

Easter Weekend was a wonderful time for us.  Again!  We spent time at the cabin with my family!  It the perfect place to reread about Christ's crucifixion.  About how He died that brutal death for me.  So that all who believe in Him will be set free from sin and live forever in heaven with Him some day!!!  We all made a circle out on dad's cabin porch and took turns reading the scriptures that tell us that Jesus is no longer dead!!!  That he arose on the third day, just like he said he would!!!  We read of how the angel told the ladies, "Jesus, the one you are looking for, is no longer here dead.  He arose!"  Christ Jesus arose from the dead and is now ascended into heaven so that we can live with him!  In eternity.  For eternal!

The cabin weekend was also a time of fun rides on the golf carts and tractors.  Dad and my brothers worked hard at their food plots!  Preparing for a good hunting season is a lot of work!!!  They also dug out old stumps and moved big bushes around and even transplanted some Easter flowers into the ground!  The kids loved all the action and Austin just could not get enough of "go-go" rides!!!

Baby Kaden got to spend his first Easter at the cabin!  How lucky!!!

Dad loves his toys and he was busy digging all day Saturday!

Mom and Dad did an Easter Egg hunt for the kids and gave them Easter baskets.  They loved this!

Austin and Ty are big buddies.  He helped find all his eggs!

Brother John Micheal carved out this huge tree into a sitting log around the campfire!

The teepee still remains a great playhouse for the kids to play in!!!

Mommy D. was with us too!!!  I love this grandma and I'm happy she could spend the entire weekend with us!!!

Everyone got an Easter bag!!

Ashlyn and Shakia ...

 These boys got along so well all weekend!!!  They both love bats and balls and spent a lot of time outside hitting the balls!  And trying not to hit each other.  :)

It looked so funny as Colson held the ball in his hand and quick swing to hit the ball!  He was pretty good at it!

Lots of Marble Chase was played!!!

Wyatt was a blast!!!  Such a good baby!
  Cheez ...

And the golf cart was busy all weekend too!  Austin is still begging for 'go-go cart' rides.

Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for me and for rising again!!!

Thank you Mom and Dad and Family for the fun weekend at the cabin!!!

Happy Easter!!!