Monday, March 20, 2017

First Day of Spring!!!

March is rolling right along.  One of my most favorite days of the year is today!!!  I love March 20 because it's the First Day of Spring!!!  Saying goodbye to Winter and hello to Spring is such a wonderful feeling!!!  I love Spring time so much!!!  For the warmer weather!  For green bursts everywhere.  For the garden seeds that get planted.  I love Spring for the birds that chirp and come to my feeders!!!  Spring is usually another busy season and baseball right around the corner and school activities in high gear until the very last day!!! 
There is lots of outside work that comes along with Spring.  Mulching and weed pulling and mowing the lawn and edging and planting flowers!!!  Flowers ... OH, Yes!!!  I most times visit a greenhouse or two on the first day of Spring and I did just that today!!!  I got two full flats of pansies for the first porch and a big bag of fresh potting soil!!!  Ashlyn picked out a handful of seed packets and a small swan planter that she begged for her gardens.  :)))  The girl loves our gardens and really gets excited about planting things!  We will be in the raised beds just as soon as the snow melts off of them and the sun shines just a bit warmer!!!
March has a few birthdays for my family.  Fannie Lynn had a birthday last week and we celebrated her special day at The Speckled Hen!!!  My sisters and mom all gathered for a fun lunch!!!

Last week with all the snow we got, Hadassah went snow boarding for her very first time!!!  Jess went along and this is the picture I was sent!!!  These two have a blast together and are so much fun!

The snowplows were hot and heavy last week but this week the snow is melting away!!!  I loved the snow while it lasted but now with Spring really being here, I'm ready for it to all leave!!!  And I'm ready to pack up the winter clothes that got laid all over the garage floor to get all washed up and put away too!!!

Hadassah played in a winter volleyball league.  Last Thursday was a tournament and now that season is over.  It won't be long before she can play volleyball outside again!

Going for a block here!

I took a walk out to the gardens this morning just to take a peak of what's out there.  The garden beds are still snow covered and it's the First Day of Spring!!!  There is a hard crunchy shell on top of the snow.  The herbs and lettuce and greens that Mike bought the other week for their photo shoot are begging to be planted outside where they can thrive!!!  Ashlyn and I will have such a good time in the gardens this year!!!  We are so excited to add new vegetables and fresh seeds!!!

Here are the greens from the photo shoot that are trying to hang in there!!!

 Another fun thing on the First Day of Spring is that it's my sister Jody's birthday!!!  She is two years older than me and I love her so much!  And because going out for lunch seemed like the perfect way to celebrate her special day, that's what we did today.  She likes Bird-In-Hand CafĂ©.  It was my first time eating there and we liked it too.  And, and because of it being the first day of Spring, they were giving out free ice cream!!!  What a fun treat!

Happy Birthday, Jody!!!  I hope this year brings you many joys in life and lots of fun!!!

Something else we did today was make our annual visit to the dentist.  Ashlyn did another great job!  Everyone was cavity free but her.  Bummer.  We will go back in a few weeks to get them taken care of!

Spring is here!!!  I am so excited for a new season!!!
And while we are talking about seasons, we entered a very difficult season in our life when Dad Lapp was diagnosed with Pancreas Cancer just a few weeks ago.  Dad and Mom decided to do a treatment in Mexico.  They were there for three weeks.  Mike and I brought Dad and Mom home from Mexico last Saturday.  We knew Dad wasn't feeling the best but thought "home" would help.  We had no idea of the struggles and emotions and care that would all be needed for the following week!!!  Last Sunday, most of us children visited Dad and Mom at home.  Dad was weak but doing OK.  Then on Monday, Dad went to Cornerstone Wellness Center for IV for a dehydration.  Dad was there until Thursday evening.  His digestive system is not working properly and he is ill.  Getting him to a hospital around home is difficult.  Hospitals around home don't know much about Hyperthermia Treatment.  This is why Dad had it done in Mexico.  So finding him doctors in the USA that know how to help him get well from this type of cancer treatment is tough.  But thank Jesus there is a place called Envita Medical Center!!!  The only and major down play about this place is that it's in Arizona!!!  Dad and Mom left yesterday afternoon for Arizona and they do not know how long they will be there.  Dad needs to get well before heading back home!!!  This is so hard seeing them leave all of us again.  But we know it's for the health battle for Dad.  Getting Dad well is something we are all praying for!!!  If you would like to pray for Dad here are a few specifics:  That Dad could sleep and rest.  It's hard for Dad to lay there all day and then sleep sound during the night.  Pray that Dad's digestive system would begin to work again!!!  He has not eaten much food at all for days and days.  His body is getting so thin and he is weak.  Also, pray that Dad would get an appetite and begin to eat foods and get nourished.  He's been throwing up some because the tiny bit of foods he does get down, seems to always come back up.  And then of course, pray for Mom!!!  She's been Dad's nurse a lot the past few days and is doing her very best.  This is such a trying and hard time in life for her.  She wants Dad's health back and is trying hard to except all that God has ahead for her!  She is by Dad's side all the time and she needs rest too!!!  The family is so happy to finally have them back at a place where they can have skilled doctors and nurses help Dad!!!  We've been praying the last few days that Dad would eat, sleep and poop.  And miracles are happening!  This morning, Dad woke up in Arizona with a better nights rest!!!  He had a bowel movement!!!  We are rejoicing in this simple and small things in life because right now they are huge for us!!!  Dad is on a tough journey of fighting cancer but God is still good.  God has a plan through all of this!!!  We just need to be open to receive His will!!! 
Thank you all so much for your texts and calls and prayers!!!  Mike and I have felt the prayers and comfort of many of you!!!  The whole Lapp family will miss Dad's so much the next few weeks and looking ahead it all looks like a mountain but I've reminded myself often this week that God has this all in His hands.  Take only one day at a time.  Trust in Him.  Believe in miracles.  Keep praying and never give up hope!!!


Happy First Day of Spring!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Snow Storm Stella.

We are having one more winter bash here in March!!!  This winter weather has been so crazy!!!  We had tempts in the 70's, lots of 60 degree days and now this!!!  We thought Spring was on the way but I guess Winter wants to make one last blast!
If it's gonna be cold, I like when it snows.  And so Ashlyn!  She loves eating snow and Matthew brought this inside for her to enjoy!!!

Last night, my whole family came for Jody's good pizza and to play Marble Chase!!!  Mike and I have been saying way too long that we want to have my family over sometime and because of the snow and because we are all into Marble Chase right now, we invited everyone over!  What a fun night!!!

Two games going at one time!

We had two days in a row with of no school.  The snow is deep outside but with the tempts not being higher than 30, everything is freezing up!  Here we are being lazy while it snows!

We need new winter clothes so bad!!!  I just didn't bother with tempts being warmer for most of the winter.  But today, I made a quick stop for snow pants.  I found one pair for Ashlyn and one pair for Matthew for $4.40!!!  How cool is that!!!???!!!  I'll take it!
These two love the snow together!!!

I'm happy to just watch from inside.  :)

Sliding down the outside basket doors.


Digging a hole ...

... then laying in it!!!  :))))

The back porch is packed so hard with snow!!!  Matthew tried shoveling some away but it's heavy and hard to move!


Matthew and Ashlyn ended up sitting in the corner of the porch just talking.  With sunglasses on.  Because it's bright outside.  :)

Today is Fannie Lynn's birthday!  We last minute planned a quick trip to The Speckled Hen for lunch!!!  Some of the older kids had school, some didn't.  The little girls played in the toy area after lunch!  Getting together with the Riehl sisters is always fun!!!
Happy Birthday, Fannie!

Will we have school tomorrow???  I do not know!  Some of the roads are still bad while others are open and fine.  It's still windy out and blowing snow across the roads.  Our driveway is always a mess in snow and even though we had it plowed open, snow is drifting it shut again. 

Snow doesn't seem to keep us inside too much though.  Matt just left to go to a Flyers game with Matt and Lena and the boys.  He was super excited about this!!!  And Hadassah is off snow boarding with Tony, Ryan, John Micheal, Jess and others!  She was all worked up while trying to find enough snow clothes!  She ended up borrowing some and gathering enough to stay warm and dry!!!  Next year, we will be more prepared with snow clothes!!!  This is Hadassah's first time boarding, so we will have some interesting stories I'm sure!!!  And it's Matthew's first Flyers game!  It will be late for both of them getting home tonight and I'll be all ears in the morning to hear their stories!  :)))


Update on Dad Lapp:

We brought Dad's home from Mexico late Saturday night. 

We stopped in Sunday evening and Dad was still weak and threw up some during the day.  He really needs to stop throwing up and be able to start eating foods again!!! 

Monday morning, Dad was taken to a wellness center for IVs to help with dehydration.  And he is still there.  I was hoping that bringing him home would be a great start to better health for him!  Please pray for Dad and Mom as they receive good care and nutrition for Dad!!!  Watching the snow from inside their homes was their wish and now they are again away from their cozy home for health care!!!  Say a prayer and keep praying for them!!!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Tijuana, Mexico

Going to Tijuana, Mexico, was the fastest flying trip I've ever traveled.  Here's why.
Mike's dad was diagnosed with Pancreas Cancer in February.  They made a decision to travel to Mexico for Hyperthermia Treatment.  When they got evaluated by the doctors in Mexico, they decided to do surgery and try to remove the tumor in the pancreas. When they opened dad up, they seen that the tumor was wrapped around a blood vessel, making it too dangerous to cut out.  They froze the tumor and sewed Dad back up.  This was a bit of a let down but blessed to know that the doctors could only see cancer in the pancreas and not on the surrounding organs!!!  Dad was still able to do the Hyperthermia Treatment!!!  The third week, he's been throwing up a lot and weak but Mom and Dad were told they could come home on Saturday!!!
Mike booked our flights on Wednesday night and we flew to Mexico Friday morning!  It took most of the day to get there.  By 4:00, we were at the hospital and we were so happy to see Mom and Dad!!!  It seemed like such a long time!  We were on our way to Belize, a anniversary trip, when Mom called us about Dad's cancer.  We spent three hours with them the morning after we got back from Belize and then they headed off to Florida.  From there they flew to Mexico.  So, we were finally with them again!!!  
Dad had his port removed a little before we got there and he needed to stay laying for some time yet.  We decided to go across the street with Mom to get some good Mexican food!  Mike was so hungry!!!  There are only so many packs of crackers and pretzels that you can eat on the plane rides.  :)))  After dinner, Mom and I went to the pharmacy to get some things for on the way home and Mike went back to sit with Dad.  We helped Mom do some packing before Mike and I went to our beautiful hotel!!!
Our hotel was gorgeous!!!  Palm trees, a pool, nice restaurants and clean rooms!  We slept good and woke up for a delicious breakfast buffet at the hotel!  Then we walked back over to the hospital and helped get Mom load up their things and head for back home!  We all got into a van and off we drove to cross the border.  What a crazy long line!!!  We had a medical pass but even with that it took us about 45 minutes to cross!  People and cars everywhere!!!  Once we got on the highway in San Diego, we went cruising to the airport!  Our flights were all on time and we had good travels.  
Dad was weak on Saturday and so we knew we would have to take extra care and go a little slower.  We were able to get a wheelchair for him at each gate and with each flight.  We claimed their luggage in Philadelphia while Mike pulled up the Yukon to pick us up!  Bringing them home was such a privilege and they were so happy to be back home!!!  It was almost midnight before we got to bed.
Many thanks to our babysitters once again!!!  This time sister Jody had Ashlyn and Austin.  Hadassah was with Jess and Matthew was with Benson!  The children all enjoyed their places so much!!!  Thanks everyone!!!    
And here we go again ... just me and my man!!!  Mexico here we come!

Airplane view!!!  So pretty!

We got picked up at the airport from the Angela's Hospital Transportation!

Waiting in line to cross the border.

This was the name of the hotel we stayed at.

The pool.

Our breakfast buffet!!!  Oh, I could have this every morning for breakfast!!!  Mike and I both loved it!!! 

Going to see Dad and then bringing them home!

Loading up our things and then flying back home!!!

It was sunny and warm in Mexico.  Doing a trip like this in two days was so quick but it got us back home to the kids in no time!!!

Dad is still weak.  Getting back to good health is top priority!!!  Please continue to pray for Mom and Dad as they go through this cancer journey.