Friday, July 29, 2016

Jeep VS Gator ...

So the other weekend we invited some couples over from church for a campfire but it just wasn't seeming to work out for everyone.  We canceled and decided to make it another night.  But, I already had hot dogs and rolls and with Mike and Matt needing to make a ramp for JR Jay.  (JR fell at work and will need a ramp for his wheelchair when he gets back home!  Mike and Matt offered their services to their good friend.  Get well JR!!!)  After they made the ramp, they both went into the hospital to visit JR.  So, why not have Lena and the boys come over awhile???  Perfect! 
They brought their gator along thinking that Hunter can drive one toddler around while Ashlyn can drive her jeep with the other toddler!  Splendid plan other than the gator had wheel motor issues and wouldn't work.  And the jeep didn't have a charged battery!  Boohoo. 
They did however have a blast playing on the gator!  Austin loves to climb around the jeep and he loved the gator just as much!!!  We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows while they played.
The men joined us awhile later and we had a great campfire night on the back porch!  Thanks for coming over guys!

Austin ... 1 year old!

Love these two kids!  Adrian & Austin!

Priceless ...

Sorry, I'm not taking any time to edit the red eyes but I treasure these pictures!

And now for the jeep rides.  I bought this jeep at a yard sale this spring for $10.  It needed a new battery and it has been such a great entertainment for these two!!!  They LOVE riding together.  Austin's head goes flying front when she takes off.  Hang on there buddy!

I am trying to hang on to these moments as long as I can because in a few short weeks Ashlyn will be starting kindergarten.  Austin (and mom) is going to miss her like crazy the days she will be in school.  So for now ...... playmates they are!!!

Summer memories are wonderful!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Swimming again!!!

It's what we do!  It's what we love!  It's giving us beautiful tans and keeping us cooled off.  It's been one hot day after the next.  It's summer!  And, it's all spelled out in one word ... S-W-I-M-M-I-N-G!!!

We hit the pools again today even though we were there yesterday!!!  Spoiled?  Just a bit!  I think we have the routine down pat???  Sometimes I wish it would flow a little better but we are working on that!  This morning the kids were all fighting who gets what seat in the Yukon on the way to the pool.  They holler out "shot gun" or "bucket seat" all the time.  So as I was packing up our pool foods and things, they started bickering about seats.  I finally said that whoever gets the seats first is who sits in them.  I'm telling you they all went racing to the garage.  Hadassah was nice enough to come back inside and grab the cooler and towels.  But that's when Matthew went for the front seat.  We had a big mess to iron out before heading to the pool.  Sometimes I do wonder if these days will ever by pass me or when I will stop splitting fights for the front seats!  For now, it's my real life.  I will keep teaching to be kind.  To be respectful.  To put others in front of yourself.  I pray that they will get this into their heads and more importantly into their hearts!

We did make it to the pool with everyone in their earned seats!  We had a beautiful afternoon of swimming with sun and a few clouds.

Mom treated the kids today to ice cream.  They all had so much swimming together!  Thanks Jody and kids for joining us at the pool today!

Again, Austin loved his ice cream.
I took a short drive and Austin went to sleep.  He napped in the shade.

Ashlyn has found a new fun thing to do while swimming.  Wearing goggles.  She wore Matthew's and loved it.

Meg and Mel liked the pool too!

Cousin time is special.

Gotta have a snack break!!!

Our cute "Little Man"!!!

Now this was from yesterday's swimming.  Hadassah was helping Ashlyn in the big pool practicing on swimming alone.  She's trying.  But mostly she swims around wearing her puddle jumper.

Austin loves the pool and water! 

And then after a hot day of swimming ... Matthew comes home and fills the tub up with water and straps on his goggles.  When I asked him what the goggles are doing by the tub he said, "I was hot and so I swam in the tub."  :)

This was Ashlyn and Matthew this morning.  I started the sprinkler to water our landscaping and new grass.  They were off riding on the jeep and then rode through the water!  They had a blast!

We are enjoying the hot days at the pool!  Summer is so much fun!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Dienner Reunion ...

We had a wonderful time with extended family on Sunday evening!  The whole Dienner family gathered at Uncle Alvin's!  Alvin and Ruth have a beautiful place for entertaining a big crowd like the Dienners but I know it doesn't 'just happen'.  Ruth had flowers on the picnic tables.  A huge spread of food was all lined up!  Alvin made delicious BBQ Chicken and cooked shrimp and clams right on the spot!  The smells of cooked and seasoned shrimp were amazing!  After we ate, a group of singers started strumming their guitars and tapping on the drums.  We all set up our lawn chairs and listened to the singers and chatted with family. 

The tempts were hot!!!  In the 90's!  It felt great when the sun began to set behind the trees!!!  However, the warm temperatures didn't stop Alvin from getting out the train rides!  The kids loved this and enjoyed one ride after the next!!!

Ruth had these tiny ice cream cones and if you know Uncle Alvin, he always has his soft serve ice cream machine up and running at big events!!!  Austin loves ice cream and sure did enjoy his tiny cone!!!  :)

These pretty girls will be ready for kindergarten in a few weeks!  They love being together!

Addison and Melanie shared a barrel seat so they could have more rides!!!

Got to eat it fast "Little Man"!!!  Ice cream melts and makes a mess but it sure is delicious!!!

Then Ruth dabs on some clown face paint on Sierra's checks.  Sierra walked around and gave out small gifts to the children.  I'm telling the truth ... the whole evening was fun!

Cousin Keith had called all the cousins earlier in the week and said that if we would like to give any cash to Mommy D., put it in an envelope and it will be presented to Mommy that night!  Mommy D. has hospice coming out to help care for Daudy D.!!!  She does a great job day after day caring for him but at times, she just needs a break!  Other care takers can help out but with a small fee.  All the money given to Mommy D. that night will give her some extra caretaker money!  Ballgame play offs are this week and Mommy loves to watch them!  Hopefully, she can enjoy using some of this money this week!!! 

Many, many thanks Alvin and Ruth for the great reunion!  Our family really enjoyed it!!!