Thursday, October 1, 2015

No spare time!!!

I've been waiting for the perfect moment to finally blog again but it just never seems to happen right now.  So, it's nine o'clock right now and the kids need to be tucked into bed but I am just starting to blog.  :()  Not the best timing and I'll need to stop before too long and get them to bed.  Austin is already peacefully sleeping in the pack in play just outside the kitchen.  That's where he sleeps at night time.  During the day, he naps in the crib which is in our one bedroom basement.  When he wakes up for his early morning feeding, I then put him in the crib so that he doesn't get disturbed from the morning school crew!  :)  Did I confuse you yet?  The main fact is that I sleep much better if he's not right next to me during the night.  I tend to hear every move, every noise, every stir if he does.  To have him sleep just outside of the bedroom works best! 

While I am talking about Austin here, I'll do his update first.  He's another week older and is becoming so much fun to care for!!!  He smiles so much.  He even gave us a giggle the other night.  I feel like this is a recording but he still loves his gym set the most.  I'm totally fine with that!  I put him in the swing every now and then just to switch things up but he often whines his way back to the mat on the floor.  :)  He's doing better at night again too!  When he caught a cold in Ohio, he went from sleeping good at night to waking up several times a night.  It was challenging because I knew he could sleep much better!  I tried hard to not give in and feed him during the night hours.  Even if he waits till 4:00 AM to have his bottle, that is better than 2:30 AM!!!  We hear all the time that he looks like Matthew!  Or like Hunter.  I agree when I look at past pictures.  He's also doing better in his car seat.  He first would cry and cry every time we would strap him in.  The minute we got him out, he stopped crying.  He just hated it!  He still cries now and then but does a whole lot better!!!  :)  That makes any road trip a much more pleasant experience now!!! 

Ashlyn had a real blast this week with some of her cousins.  On Monday, she was with Kia and Shae for the day.  I was out for lunch, did some shopping for the house and then took the two oldest to the dentist after school.  Tuesday night, we took family pictures with my whole family.  It was a circus to finally decide if we should take them or cancel because of the rainy forecast.  We decided to stick to the plans and take photos.  We hope they turn out and not be too dark or dreary!  We all ate hot dogs and soup at dad's after all so Ashlyn got to play with the twins and all her girl cousins that night!  Then on Wednesday, we were down at moms helping her house clean.  Again, she got to play with Shakia, Shaylyn, Addison and Olivia.  The fun didn't stop there!  After Mike got home from work, we all went to the fair.  We got pretzel wraps, fries and cheese steak for supper.  Then we all enjoyed some Hershey's ice cream on a warm waffle sandwich.  Matt and Lena and the boys met us over there.  Ashlyn and Hunter took two rides together.  One of motorcycles and another on the merry go round.  Both times they giggled and laughed!  Such fun!  Then we watched the parade.  That is until about 10 minutes into it, Austin starts crying.  He cried and just didn't seem to like all the blankets wrapped around him and like he had a belly ache.  I went out to the Yukon with him and tried to calm him down.  Nothing seemed to help.  I finally called Mike and he came out and drove us home.  The other children were still having a ball collecting candy from the parade floats and so they came home with Matt's.  They all swished in their car!  :)  Austin relaxed after we got home and even enjoyed some "gym" time before bed time.  Ashlyn had a fun day!!!

Of course, we must do a crazy pose...
Matthew has been busy with school work.  Book reports and spelling words and bible memory and homework has kept him with very little chill out time.  It's different seeing him with so much school work.  We see it all the time with Hadassah.  It was a fun night for him at the fair and parade though.  He squeezed himself right in beside Jayden and Darell.  He brought home a few pieces of candy.

Hadassah is always working on something for school.  It's else volleyball practice, studying for tests or working on algebra!  She loves school and does well with her grades.  She works very hard and deserves all her good grades!  She loves her cousins too and had a blast with everyone on Tuesday night.  The pictures that I took of her turned out nice.  We are excited to see what Martha Rose took!

My man ... I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!
The house project is coming along well.  Things are a total mess over there and very much under contruction.  I'm not sure how else a big remodel would get done?  Dirt, mud, nails and workers!!!  This week the garage and new basement floors got concreted.  The brick are being laid.  The roofers are done for now.  They ran out of material and need to come back one more day to finish up.  The plumbers are there installing pipes, floor heat and heating units.  The electrician is putting lots of recess lighting in our home.  The Smucker Brothers have their crew there almost day to do all the framing.  Wood Art, the cabinet company, came one morning to do some measuring.  He will be back next week to get the final measurements.  It's exciting to stop in almost every day and see the work get done!
We have a fun weekend ahead of us so I'm off to bed and then pack up some bags tomorrow!!!
Through the busyness of life, I am loving the Fall smells, tastes and season!!!  Just today, I went over to the house to find some warmer clothes for us.  The chills are coming.  The daylight is shorter.  I love autumn time!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

BABY is 3 months old ...

Austin just passed his 3 month old mark!!!  A whole lot has happened since he was born.  Things that will change our lives forever. 

One - is having him in our lives!!!  We are all loving on him so much and I can't remember how life was without him!  He's growing!  Austin still loves his gym set on the floor.  It's what he does a lot.  He lays there and kicks his feet and moves his arms to make the toys move.  I put away his vibrator seat because he doesn't want that any more.  We keep trying the swing thing every now and then.  :/  He coos.  He smiles for everyone but he smiles really much when I talk to him!!!  I love that about him!  :)  He just went from drinking from a 4 oz. bottle to 5 ounces.  I am waiting for the night that he sleeps all night again!  He was doing so well but when we went to Ohio he caught a cold and that messed up his sleep.  He loves his nuk but with a cold, he kept spitting it out and then crying for it at night.  Mike and I take turns getting up and putting it in his mouth.  The past week has really been a challenge with his sleeping.  He cries to be fed or for his nuk but it's all I have to not give in!!!  I do not want him to get into the habit of eating during the night because I know he can go without it.  But last night when he got up at 2:15 AM, I fed him.  Instead of me getting often to give his nuk, I decided to sleep better and feed him.  Was it the right thing to do?  I would normally say, "No way!!!"  But I did.  I hope that he gets into the habit of sleeping all night again very soon!!!  Praying for that again!



Two - we moved into "the basement" and we are a little homesick for home.  It's going so well here but we are all getting ready to 'move back home'.  The house project is going great!  This week the roofers showed up and are shingling the roof.  The plumbers are there to putting in floor heat and pipes!  The regular construction guys are ripping out the old bathrooms and getting ready to put in the new tubs and showers!  They also put in some of the windows!  The concrete crew is coming tomorrow to work in the garage and then in the basement!  It's exciting to go over each day and see the progress!  I sat down the other day to make my big list of things that we will need to get for the new house.  Things like bar stools, a new bed frame for us (because Hadassah is getting our old bed), pick out paint colors, go finalize the flooring and then met the cabinet guy next week to measure up the kitchen!!!  The list seems endless right now but I know it will all fall together when times comes closer to move back in.  The inside of the house is still gutted out but they insulated the living and laundry floors yesterday and the new walls will be constructed soon.  I can't wait for the dry wall to be hung because that's when we will see the room structures! 

Three - school began.  We are SO excited to have a long weekend ahead of us!  The kids have been blasted with so much homework this week!  It was a stressful week with both of the kids hovered over their studies much of the night.  Hadassah especially.  She does great with her studies and works really hard!  Her grades are a priority for her and she deserves it with all the time she spends working!  I went to bed before her this week too many nights!!!  Matthew had some homework too and it is much harder for him to come home and do homework.  He gets distracted easily.  I have to keep reminding him to get it done.  He would MUCH rather be outside living a carefree life!  :)  He did finish up his book for his book report project due next week.  Now he got to get to the report part!!!  On Monday afternoon, the kids came home and after a snack, they both got to their homework.  Hadassah panicked and said that she forgot her binder on the bus.  Now, let me stop right there to say that this is so unlike her!  But things happen.  She laid it on the bus floor and forgot to grab it when she got off the bus.  What now?  She went all year last year without one blue slip and that's her goal for this year too!  Then, Matthew starts to shed tears because he forgot a book at school that he needs for his homework!!!  Goodness!  What should I do about this?  We talked about being responsible and then called the local library to see if they had the book.  They did!  So off I went to get the book.  Then that night I helped him with his paper.  As for Hadassah, I called school to get the bus drivers number.  Maybe we could go to her house and pick it up.  I was given PV's busing number and the lady said that her bus driver was already back from her run and the bus was locked behind the school gate.  She didn't have a key for the gate.  OK, so we tried.  Hadassah made some calls from girls in her class and got them to text her the math problems and homework.  Stressful!!!  We are ready to relax from school work this weekend!!!

Four - Mike is working evenings!  He works at the house every night that he can.  Which means most evenings.  He cleans up from that days work.  He sweeps.  He sweats.  He rips out carpet.  Matthew has been his faithful helper up until this week.  With the extra homework, Matthew needed to stay home and finish that.  I miss Mike not being with us evenings.  He comes home after dark and the kids all want his attention.  Time goes fast and it's not long before it's time to tuck them into bed!  We go to bed so tired.  We will be so ready to live back home!!!  :)

Bring on the sunny weekend!!!  I can't wait to hang out with Mike and the kids and make more great memories!!! 

By the way, I love FALL!!!  The warm apple cider and juicy pears taste so good!!!  :) 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Busy Weekend!

We had a fun filled, packed out weekend!
Matthew came home from school on Friday excited about the upcoming school sale.  His class had put together a sports basket and a family theme basket.  Both were packed full!  He played outside with Ashlyn while I got a short nap.  Austin is still fighting off his cold and is not having his normal night routine!!!  Getting up during the night to give him his nuk makes me much more tired during the day!  I am praying and wishing for his cold to be healed!!!  Anyway, when Mike came home from work, we all grabbed a bite to eat and the boys were off to work at the house again!  Every chance they get they go over and clean up from the construction guys!  Matthew loves to help his dad and likes to run the skid loader!
Hadassah went home with Cheyenne after school.  She was invited to stay overnight but when I said she needs to be in bed by midnight, she decided to have me come pick her up later that night.  We know by now that when she loses sleep and then has a busy day the following day, she ends up with a cold!  She needs her sleep and rest! 
We were going to finally play some Settlers with dad's on Friday night!  We've been living here for almost eight weeks now and have not played one game!  But because the boys didn't get back from the house till 8 and I needed to go pick up Hadassah soon, we decided to just chat on the back porch.  Maybe tomorrow night we will play some games???
Saturday morning we got up early and headed for the school sale.  We ate breakfast there and spent the whole day at the auction at school.  The kids had a fun day with their friends painting pumpkins, making crafts with beads, buying tickets to play games, taking rides on the four wheeler barrels, etc..  The sale was a great success with adding a 5K Run and Family Run in the morning.  There was a much larger crowd this year too because of so many new families!!!  Austin did great all day there!  We came home at 4:30 and showered and relaxed.  Mom came home from market and brought home some ribs that we enjoyed together.  Matt and Lena came over and so we ended up on the back porch again chatting and eating pumpkin pie and drinking cider!  We didn't get any Settlers played but the night was fun and we went to bed exhausted!
Sunday morning I was tempted to just skip out on Sunday School and just go to church for the message but after we were all up and awake, we were ready to enjoy our classes!  We just love our church activities and singing and challenging messages!  Hadassah was invited to go play volleyball with church friends at Dave and Sonia's.  She loves that sport and always has a ton of fun with her church friends.  Dave pulled out of the church parking lot with the back seat of his truck with girls and a group of guys riding in the very back of his truck.  What a blast! 
Matthew was also invited to Dante's house.  They love to hunt, play in the creek and roam around their house together.  Damien and Stephen joined them and had a blast! 
So that left Mike and I with the two youngest.  Ashlyn was so hungry for lunch and then played toys and watched Peppa Pig on my phone.  Austin was hungry too and took a much needed long nap!  Mike and I ate soup then Mike went for a bike ride.  He's not been on his bike much at all this summer because all his spare time he's working at the house.  So this was a treat for him.  I sat out in the sun and then had a nap!  Mike biked down to Dave and Sonia's and when he saw Hadassah he acted like he was out of control and hollered out her name!  She jumped back and laughed!!!  :)  Mike got back home at 4:45.  Hadassah came home at 5.  We picked up Matthew and Dante at 5:30 and dropped them off at David's birthday party.  It was one event after the next!  From there the rest of us went to John and Suz for supper.  The guys watched the football game and us ladies sat around talking about house paint colors and remodeling projects.  :)  At 8:00, Matthew got dropped off at John's and we ALL came home together!  :)  Crazy how we all went from one place to the next all afternoon.
Now it's Monday.  The day to do laundry.  My day to get some fresh fruits and groceries.  The kids are off to school.  Mike's at work and the little ones are hanging out together in the living room!  God is so good to us!!!  We are so blessed!
Here is Austin!  He loves to smile for his momma the best!!!  :)
11 weeks ...

Monday, September 14, 2015

House update!

Things are really starting to look different at the house!!!  It's exciting to go over and see the progress!  I had high hopes on Saturday to go over and work outside.  The garden needs attention!  Flowers need pulled out.  A few things need trimmed.  Well, after hanging out a full line of wash, I realized that the weather was not a 'wash day'.  :(  It started to rain, and even though I had to get all the wash right back in, I was very thankful for the rain showers!  We've been so dry and the rain was very much appreciated!  Thank you, God!!!  That changed my days plans for working outside too.  It didn't keep Mike from working over there though.  Matthew and Mike went over to the house right after breakfast and Mike worked there till 6:30 PM!  They ripped out carpet.  Busted more walls down.  Cleaned up from the carpenter crews that were there all last week.  Mike is doing a really good job at helping the carpenter guys out where he can.  Picking up trash, sweeping the floors, tearing out walls, etc. all help get the work done faster!!!  Matthew loves to help Mike with all of this too!  It was pouring down rain when we went to the house.  I pulled into the driveway and Mike came running out to the new garage!  He waved me right in and when I opened my door, he said, "Welcome to your new garage Mrs. Lapp!"  :)  The garage is framed out and plywood on the roof but not concreted inside yet and not near completed ... but we parked in it!!!  :)  Such fun!

Here are some pictures that I took from last week ...

The skid loader is in the old garage ... now going to be our living room.

Mike and I parked in our new garage.

Part of the new kitchen area.

Ripping out carpet ...
 Busting out walls ...

Little Austin wants to be in the action too!


The old roof is now in the back yard.  :)

Back of the house ...

This wall is now busted out too.

On Friday night, Mike and I went to pick out all our fixtures, toilets, tub, etc. out for the house.  I thought it went smooth and was easy!  Thanks to Matt Lapp, our plumber, for meeting us in there and showing us what he would recommend!  Afterwards, Mike and I went out to eat and enjoyed a double date with Dave and Sonia!  Getting to know new friends and family better from church is such a blessing!  Thanks for the fun evening guys!  :)

Lot's will be done at the house this week again!  We are so excited to have this dream come into action!!!  We pray daily for safety over at the house and that God would have His hand in this project! 

Here are some pictures of our "little man"!  He's 10 weeks old now and is such a cutie pie!!!