Saturday, January 21, 2017

Milder tempts.

All week we've had temperatures in the forty's.  It seems like Spring wants to come but winter is hanging on.  I'm really OK with either one!  But, when it says "Spring" on my calendar than I will be looking forward to more warmer tempts to stay here for a long time!!! 

This past week was another busy week with sports and events.  The day off on Monday was relaxing though and it gave the teachers time to finish up the report cards numbers!  Hadassah and Jess wanted to go to Saphora and then to Beiler's Donut Shop (where Hadassah works) and of course, eat donuts and ice cream.  The outing was fun and Austin knows what donuts are by now!  He always picks the ones with M&M's!  It's so cute how he says donut and calls most sweets cookies. 

Mike and I went to our church membership meeting on Monday night.  Honey Brook Community Church is going back to membership options and the teachings are always to be learned from!  We are loving this church of believers and are excited to see Honey brook being transformed into a community of Christ followers!

We had a wonderful, Spirit-filled church service on Sunday morning!  The Holy Spirit was there and people were getting anointed and prayed for!  It started with a baby dedication for Kailena!  This is our friends John and Suz's fifth baby but their first girl!!!  She is so cute!  After praying over her, our church anointed Damien and had encouraging words spoken to him.  Damien was diagnosed with a brain tumor two years ago and had brain surgery done to remove the tumor.  He went through a bunch of treatments.  Every three months he goes for an MRI in Hershey just to make sure cancer doesn't return!!!  Well, Friday was their regular MRI appointment.  With so many MRI's showing "good", it was a shock when the doctors said that there is something again in his brain that looks suspicious.  We prayed for Damien on Sunday and hoped that God would take away the spot!  Monday, they went back to Hershey to have another CAT scan done.  It still showed that something was there.  So Tuesday, Damien went into surgery to remove, with laser, another small cancer tumor.  The doctors hoped that they would just find scar tissue but it was another tumor.  It's so hard to see our friends receive this news AGAIN!!!  John and Suz have been through so much already and now with the unknown in front of them again, it's so hard!!!  Damien was able to come home from the hospital on Wednesday and had a good evening with his family.  Waiting for the doctors reports as to what now to do must be so hard.  Thursday, Damien was rushed into the hospital again because he was having a seizure.  By the night time, he wasn't responding.  I have no idea how hard this must be on the parents and family!!!  We just kept praying and praying!!!  John barely slept that night.  Him and Suz are so tired.  We went for a quick visit Friday afternoon with JR & Loreen.  Watching friends hurt and be so emotionally and physically stretched is difficult!!!  But, I keep praying that they will never loose sight of Jesus through all of this!!!  Jesus knows what they are going through.  He is right there in the midst of such uncertainty!!!  By now, Damien was moved into ICU.  The doctors have him on meds to help him relax so they weren't expecting him to open his eyes or respond too much that day.  It was so refreshing to see their Caring Bridge post this morning saying that Damien is opening his eyes again.  Saying a few words.  Focusing.  It's seems like a long journey ahead for them but with one day at a time, God will strength them!!!  Please join our family in praying for Damien and his family!!!  They will have many decisions to make in the next few weeks!!! 

The new Bible I am reading had this verse drawn on one of the pages.  It was a great reminder for me!!!

Tuesday night, Matthew's basketball team played against Hinkletown.  Mike went to Seattle for a short business trip so it was up to me to keep little man, Austin occupied!  :)))

Matthew did a school project on Russia and this is how his set up looked.  Good job!!!

Ashlyn worked on some Valentine cards because these weeks go by so fast that we decided to get a head start on this!!!  :)))

Hadassah had her basketball game on Wednesday afternoon.  The girls worked so hard but still lost.  The game was close and fun to watch though!!!  She had basketball practice first thing Thursday morning.  Mike usually takes her to these early practises but because he came home at 1 AM, I took her.  I was back home just in time to get Matthew up for school!

Matthew had after school basketball practice today.  If this sports schedule sounds at all confusing to you, it does to me at times too!!!  Mike went to pick him up at 5 PM.  He pulled into school driveway and called me.  "Where is Matthew today???"  "At Faith High School Gym."  Thankfully that's not far from school and he was there in no time.  But right after Mike called me, so did coach Mr. Hardbold.  "Just making sure you guys remembered to come pick Matthew up."  :))  I said that Mike's was at school but on his way there!  When Mike pulled up to Faith, he called again.  "Hun, there's no one here.  The lights are all turned off.  Where is Matthew?"  I told him to look around because I had just talked to his coach!!!  Ridiculous as this sounds, I called Mr. Hardbold back and asked where they were!?!  He said that he sent an email out saying that Faith was not available today so the practice was moved to Houston Run!!!  He said to call Mike and tell him to meet back at school because he was needing to go there to drop things off anyway!  I called Mike back and we laughed!!!  How ridiculous to not be able to keep up with all the emails and practises and games but on the bright side, we have not forgot a player yet!  YET!!!  :))))  Mike and Matthew were finally home and eating supper together, in our home, at the dinning room table, felt great!!!  You can only have so many hot dogs and snack stand foods before feeling like a sports game jumper!!!  :)

We had one more event!  Hadassah played volleyball that night at school.  Winter league has begun and we went to cheer!!!  I love this sport and inside I kinda wish I would be the one playing!!!  :)))

It's Friday night.  Inauguration Day!  With making a quick trip to Hershey to visit John's, my day went fast.  I was ready to snuggle on the couch and watch some news.  I'm not what you call a history buff by no means but when history is in the making and I can watch, I do!!!  President Trump made is appearances at the three balls!  It was fun to watch and now we as Christians have a duty to keep praying for our new leader!!!  God please be with this land we call America!!!  Lead us.  Guide us.  Help the darkness to be flee and our lights to shine brighter for you!!!

We were so impressed at all the prayers that were spoken at the Inauguration!  Then seeing the Piano Guys and Amazing Grace being song at the Balls was encouraging!!!

Mike is always looking for a treat to go with his morning coffee.  Sometimes there are options and sometimes not.  This morning I decided to make Shoofly Muffins.  Austin, our little muffin eater, was all into this!!!

Then I filled mini muffins papers with granola and peach yogurt.  Then I froze them.  I hope the kids will like these quick snacks!!!
Warm bread just got pulled out of the oven!!! 
We look forward to having a weekend around home! 
Please remember to pray for Damien and his family!!! 
Happy Weekend!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Sweating it out even when it's cold outside!!!

We have freezing tempts and then an unseasonal warmer day but now it's cold again.  That's how winter can be at times.  We did enjoy the little snow shower we got last week and we are excited and hoping for more than just an inch of snow for tonight!!!  The kids are ready to make some snowmen and snow forts!  I'm ready to do some catching up in scrapbooking!

The other day Ashlyn begged to make a gingerbread house.  We didn't have a kit so we went for graham crackers and icing and made our own little village.  She loved, loved this project!

Those red, pink and white jelly beans mean the next fun holiday is coming up in February!

Of course, we had to do this project when "little man" was asleep!!!  Now, we just hope he doesn't notice all that candy sitting on the kitchen counter!!!


On Tuesday, Hadassah had a basketball game in York.  Mike was running late from getting back from Quakertown and Matthew had an after school basketball practice.  It was a bit stressful to get to York by 6 PM for Hadassah's game but we managed!  Linville got creamed in the game but the girls played hard and know that it's going to take a lot more practice and sweat before their next game!!!  Hadassah gets so determined and sometimes even mad when passes get missed and shots don't go in.  She's been having some off shots herself but it makes her become a better player!

Look who loves the driver seat!!!

Linville only has seven basketball players on the high school team this year.  That means each girl gets plenty of playing time and they really try hard to win!  Teamwork girls!!!  Teamwork!


I got my new Bible!!!  I ordered it online and it was shipped to me the other day!  I'm not a big fan of new Bible's because I still use the same Bible since high school but something drew me to this one.  What I really like about it is there are special verses written on most pages in the side margins.  Every page gives a small margin for journaling.  I hope to use this as my spiritual journal and after reading the scriptures, I can write down the story in my words or jot out a verse that stuck out to me or even write down some prayer requests.  I'm really liking it so far and reading the Bible in NIV gives me a new inspiration!


And after we go driving off to Hadassah's basketball games, we also go to Matthew's games!  Yes, it is a busy life but it won't be like this forever.  Matthew also had a game this week on Thursday night.  This time at Linville VS Bethany Christian.  Matthew runs fast and is good at playing.  We all know that with every sport, it takes lots of practice, good skill and fast feet!  I think with basketball, practice is the key here!!!  If your shots do not go in, you loose.  Practice shooting hoops is something Mike told the kids that they need to do every day!  They have a great set up outside and have no excuse to not practice those shots!!!  I'm proud of how the kids are running their hearts out and getting great exercise while trying to win the game!!!

We had decided to stick around after Matthew's game because Hadassah was also playing in her Winter Volleyball game that night at school.  We had about a 30 minute wait when Hadassah called me and said that she forgot her knee pads at home.  "Mom, can you quickly run home and get them for me???  I really need them!  Fast!"  What???  We were all there and only with one vehicle.  If I go back home, I may as well keep the kids at home.  So, because she really needed them pads, we all went racing home.  I stayed home and helped Matthew bake up a batch of cookies for his school fair project and get Ashlyn's snack ready for the next day for her class.  Mike grabbed Hadassah's knee pads and went back to school to watch her volleyball games.  Sometimes this sports life is crazy.  Sometimes I wonder how we do it all.  Especially when it's over supper time.  You can only live off of snack stand foods for a little while.  :)))  Hadassah played a good games that night and won three and lost three.  I hope to watch her next games.  Next week!


Austin is being a total toddler these days.  He know how to help himself with the water in the fridge.  He goes over to the big kitchen drawer and pulls it with all his might.  He reaches in for a cup and goes marching over to the fridge.  He pushes the dispenser and out comes the water.  Now this is all great and all when he really does want a drink but when it becomes a game, it gets messy.  The water becomes a steam, a river and even a flood at times.  I pressed the lock button on the fridge the other night to stop all the water spills and wet shirts!!!  However, watching him get up on his tippy toes is so cute!!!  Friday morning, he flooded his sausage patty and whales in a container.  So much for a good breakfast.  He can also open up the desk drawer.  Again, he goes on his tippy toes and looks to see what he can grab out of it.  Let's just hope he chooses something safe and not grab the glue, the scissors or the markers!!!  :/

Being parents of a toddler and teenagers and two in between is always interesting!!!  There seems to never be a dull moment.  Last night we all went to Red Robin to eat.  It was Matthew's suggestion and Mike was up to it.  Lena met us there too because we had Adrian and Hunter with us till she got back from market.  It was a booth full and we had hungry kids!  After we got home, exhausted from Austin's crankiness, we laughed.  Life can be a roller coaster of emotions, challenges and struggles but I promise you that we are living the best time of our lives!!!


I washer is spinning.  The dryer is drying.  The candles are burning.  The kumbucha is bottled.  Soft guitar instrumental music is playing in the living room.  I'm ready for the snow to come!!!

Let it snow!!!

Happy weekend to you all!

Monday, January 9, 2017

The chill factor ...

The temperature has dropped and it truly is winter conditions!!!  We have tempts in the teens and a little bit of snow on the ground.  I am so glad and blessed to have a warm house to hibernate in on these cold days!!!

Matthew was away all weekend and he is usually the one that bundles up and goes in the snow.  He gets Ashlyn all talked into freezing together and building snowmen and throwing snowballs.  But, because he was at a cabin with his friend Christopher and David, it was up to Ashlyn to go out on her own. 

Matthew had a great time with these boys!!!
No snowmen were created.  Not yet.  Only cups of snow where brought inside to eat.  :)))  However, Hunter came over for awhile and these two ventured outside!  They play great and love to be together!!!

Always gotta do a silly picture!

She loves snow.
She filled up a cup of snow for her and Austin and then they ate it!

The winter sport for our family is basketball and volleyball.  Matthew had another game on Friday night. 

Austin was cheering and clapping for Matt!

I am becoming a bird watcher!!!  :)))

We had the Riehl's Christmas dinner yesterday.  It was another day of emotions and tears because now we are without Daudy Riehl!  All the great grandchildren gave roses to their grandparents.  We sang lots of Christmas and heaven songs.  Of course, the food was fantastic and the house was packed out!!!  I am so blessed to be able to call these wonderful people family!!!

Here our forecast for this upcoming week!!!  Freezing and then warmer tempts!!!  How will I not get Spring fever on Thursday!!??!! 

I made my first visit at Speckled Hen on Saturday.  I needed to drop things off at Fashion Cents and because I've wanted for a long time already to go to this little coffee shop, I stopped in.  I ordered my first London Fog!  It was good.  Tea in a latte!  I will get this again!!!

With all of our Christmas gatherings now over and winter has settled in, I am ready to sit down and read my Magnolia Story book.  Drink more coffee and tea.  Study more scripture!  (I ordered myself another Bible and it will be in the NIV version.  I love, love, love my KJ version Bible still.  I've had it ever since high school.  I have many notes and highlights in it.  But, sometimes I wish for another version.  I'm excited to have my new Bible shipped to me this week!)  Listen to relaxing music.  Maybe, just maybe, I'll get my scrapbooking out!!!???!!!  I have a puzzle waiting for me too!  Plus, two little kiddoes here at home with me today, two in school (well, three on some days), laundry to constantly be washing and folding, a house to try to keep clean and basketball games to attend!!!  We are wishing for more snow in the near future and Mike and I can't wait for winter date nights and outings together!  (We had a great time on Friday night celebrating John JR's 40'th birthday!)  Winter time is usually my longest season and I'm always VERY ready to have Spring arrive but somehow I'm getting the feeling that this winter will go by quickly!!!

Let it snow!!!  Let it snow!!!  Let it snow!!!